RHOBH S10 E16: Release Date & Streaming Details

RHOBH is eventually nearing the end of another eventful run. And this week, the drama only increases. Brandi stirs up more controversy when she says that she had slept with an actress. In spite of the differences, the housewives gather at Teddi’s for her baby shower while Kyle schemes to get to the bottom of the truth. Well, we will cover the details of episode 15 later in our recap section. Now, if you are already done and dusted with the last part, it is time we give you a heads-up about the show’s next episode.

When is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 16 Release Date?

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 10 Episode 16 will release on August 26, 2020, on Bravo. You can watch its preview here.

Where to Stream Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Online?

If you are in the US, you can easily catch up on the latest episodes of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ at 8 pm ET on Bravo every Wednesday. Needless to mention, you will need a cable package. If you have a cable login, you can catch the season on-demand or online at Bravo’s official website.

If you are a cord-cutter, you can resort to the multiple live TV streaming services, namely, Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now. Hulu + Live TV also offers a one-week free trial and it contains Bravo as a part of its package. Additionally, already released episodes can be rented or bought on Amazon Prime Video.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 15 Recap:

In ‘Sex, Lies, and Text Messages’, Denise meets up with Garcelle and reveals that following a vacation in Montana, she and Aaron had discussed Brandi. At Bucca di Beppo, Dorit shows off the space that she has decorated for Teddi’s baby shower. At Rinna’s, Dorit and Amelia talk about the latter’s anxiety and body image issues. The topic of Garcelle comes up, naturally!

Back at Buca de Beppo, Denise informs that she is sick and Teddi is surprised at the room’s set-up. Brandi arrives and the subject of Rome is brought up as soon as she sits down. Dorit then questions her credibility. Brandi explains that Aaron and Denise have an open relationship as long as it is with women. She also says that she is disappointed with Denise going back on her word.

Brandi even goes on to say that she had left ‘love bites’ on Denise. According to her, Denise had told Aaron that they were from her corset. Brandi then shows off a bunch of texts as proof of her allegations. There are words like ‘love’ and ‘hun’ but those do not prove anything. There might be more between Brandi and Denise than Denise lets on. But to prove that they have a serious something going on, Brandi really needs to come up with more solid evidence. Or is she simply exaggerating? Only the upcoming episodes will tell!

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