Record of Ragnarok Season 3: Possibilities Explored

Based on the manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika, ‘Record of Ragnarok’ or ‘Shuumatsu no Walküre’ is an action ONA (original net animation). The plot revolves around the concept that the gods of various pantheons gather every 1,000 years in the Council of Valhalla to decide the fate of humanity. When the gods finally agree to eradicate the humans for their crimes against the world they reside in, Brunhilde, the first among the 13 Valkyries, convinces them to organize the Ragnarok, in which 13 gods take on 13 human champions to decide the fate of humanity.

When the second season begins, the gods lead with a score of 2-1. Season 2 has received mixed to positive reviews, with critics praising the plot but criticizing the animation. If you are wondering whether there will be a third season of ‘Record of Ragnarok, we got you covered.

Will Record of Ragnarok Season 3 Happen?

‘Record of Ragnarok’ season 2 part 1 premiered on January 26, 2023, on Netflix. It comprises 10 episodes of 24-27-minute runtime. Part 2, comprising five episodes, is set to release later in 2023. In contrast, the first season, released on June 17, 2021, has 12 episodes. As for season 3, this is what you need to know.

Neither the show creators nor the Netflix executives have confirmed the development of season 3. Presumably, there would be 13 bouts in the story. As things stand now, the eighth fight is ongoing in the manga series, while the first part of the second season ends with the start of the sixth bout. It is safe to presume that the second part of season 2 is set to focus exclusively on the sixth fight. Buddha has switched sides and declared that he will fight for humans. In the manga series, Buddha’s initial opponent is Bishamonten, the Shinto god of war and battles and one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Later, Bishamonten fuses with the other six Lucky Gods and transforms into Zerofuku, the god of misfortune. When two dragons devour Zerofuku, a demon named Hajun appears, and the battle continues until Buddha defeats Hajun, leveling the score for the humans.

The first and second seasons comprise three fights each. It stands to reason that the third season will at least cover that many, if not more. However, as mentioned above, the manga is currently depicting the eighth fight. So, the production will not likely begin until the ninth fight concludes in the manga.

In the seventh round, Qin Shi Huang, the emperor who unified China, fights Hades, King of the Netherworld in the Greek pantheon. Qin Shi Huang forms Völundr with Alvitr, the 10th of the Valkyrie, with his divine weapon appearing as shoulder plates and armor guards for the arms and hands. Qin Shi Huang eventually uses Chi You – Sword-Armor Form: Shi Huang Guard and Yan Cut to win the seventh bout and make the score 4-3 in humanity’s favor. The eighth round is fought between Nikola Tesla, the most prominent scientist in human history, and Beelzebub, a major deity in the Philistine and Abrahamic Pantheons.

If, by the end of 2023, the manga finishes covering the ninth round, the production for season 3 will probably begin. By then, the second part of season 2 will have aired. The anime clearly has enough following to warrant a second season. If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before the anime is greenlit for another season. Considering all this, ‘Record of Ragnarok’ season 3 will probably come out sometime in Q4 2024.

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