Red Rose Season 2: Possibilities Explored

The British horror drama series ‘Red Rose’ is created by twins Michael and Paul Clarkson. Set in the small town of Bolton, Greater Manchester, the series follows a group of teenage friends whose lives turn upside down after they are introduced to a sinister mobile app. When a member of the friend group dies under mysterious circumstances, the group is forced to face the horrors hidden inside the app to uncover the truth.

The terrifying premise is brought to life by the cast’s earnest performances and some poignant social commentary about the internet, social media, technology, and its impact on the minds of teenagers. If you enjoyed watching the spooky and unsettling British drama, you must be curious to learn whether it will return for another installment. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about the possibilities of ‘Red Rose’ season 2!

Will Red Rose Season 2 Happen?

‘Red Rose’ season 1 was released on February 15, 2023, on Netflix in markets outside the United Kingdom. The series first premiered on August 15, 2022, on BBC Three in the UK. The first season comprises eight episodes with a runtime of roughly 45 minutes. All the episodes were released on BBC iPlayer on August 15, 2022, before airing weekly in batches of two on BBC Three. The season one finale premiered on September 6, 2022. The first installment was released in its entirety on Netflix on the same day.

As far as a second installment is concerned, the series is yet to be officially renewed by its parent network. The series is produced by Eleven Films, while BBC Three likely holds the right to renew or cancel the horror drama. At present, the network hasn’t officially announced the show’s cancellation, meaning there is still hope for a second installment to materialize. The show’s makers also haven’t publically commented on the show’s future. However, given the first season’s ending, it is likely that the story could continue in a second season, albeit with some changes.

The first season ends with Wren and her friends seemingly deleting Red Rose from their phones and lives. However, the app resurfaces in Tokyo, Japan, under a new packaging, implying that its twisted games and torment of teenagers will continue. Hence, the ending clearly leaves the door open for more episodes but in a different setting and with new characters. If the show is renewed for a second season and the makers pursue a storyline set in Japan, it is unlikely that the main cast will return for the new episodes.

Meanwhile, a potential second season could explore the lasting impact of Red Rose on the lives of Wren and her friends. As a result, they could get concerned if the sinister app resurfaces on a larger scale. The first season also leaves plenty of questions about the app’s creation and The Gardener’s identity unanswered. Therefore, the new episodes could incorporate the main characters from season one while expanding the narrative’s scope despite the change in setting.

All things said, the chances of a second season materializing will likely depend on the show’s performance on Netflix. If the series appeals to a wider audience and exceeds Netflix’s viewership expectations, a second installment could be greenlit in the upcoming months. After all, other British shows such as ‘Sex Education,’ ‘Derry Girls,’ and ‘Black Mirror,’ which ‘Red Rose’ has drawn comparisons to, have also amassed massive viewership on the streaming service and secured subsequent installments. Assuming the second season is officially announced in the coming months, production could commence near the end of 2023. Hence, viewers can expect to see ‘Red Rose’ season 2, arriving on our screens in Q2 of 2024, at the earliest.

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