Remake Our Life Season 2: Release Date and Plot Details

‘Remake Our Life!’ or ‘Bokutachi no Remake’ follows an aspiring game developer named Kyouya Hashiba whose life takes a drastic turn when the studio where he interns end abruptly. Unemployed, the 28-year-old has no option but to return to his hometown, where he has to live with his parents. Hashiba begins to regret his life decisions when he looks at the achievements of his peers and wonders where he could have been if not for his poor life choices. When he wakes up one ordinary morning, the protagonist realizes that he has mysteriously traveled ten years in the past and now has the chance to do something about his future.

Based on Nachi Kio’s light novel series of the same name, the anime first premiered on July 3, 2021. The captivating storytelling did not go unnoticed, and the show soon garnered a decent global fan following. After the inconclusive ending of season 1, you may be wondering whether the show will return for another season or not. So, let’s have a look at everything we know about the second season of the slice-of-life anime.

Remake Our Life Season 2 Release Date

‘Remake Our Life’ season 1 released on Tokyo MX on July 3, 2021, and concluded several weeks later on September 25, 2021. The first installment comprises twelve episodes with a runtime of 20-24 minutes each. The anime is developed by Feel, with Tomoki Kobayashi as the director.

Fans who are eagerly waiting for the show’s upcoming season may get a bit disappointed to learn that there is no official update on its renewal. Feel and other companies involved in the production of the first installment are yet to comment on the anime’s return publicly. However, season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with Kyouya back in the past and determined to help recreate his friends’ lives.

The inconclusive ending is surely a good sign, and the fact that the show overwhelmingly has positive reviews further cements the possibility of a renewal in the coming months. Moreover, the first season 1 adapted only four volumes of the light novel series, so there is enough source material for another installment. All of the aforementioned points clearly imply that the show’s return is inevitable. Therefore, fans can expect ‘Remake Our Life’ season 2 to premiere sometime in Q1 2023.

Remake Our Life Season 2 Plot: What Can it Be About?

In the season 1 finale, Keiko meets Kyouya, who wants to go back to the past just to be with his friends regardless of the hardships. But, before he does that, the protagonist wants to say goodbye to his wife and daughter. The following day Kyouya confesses to Keiko that he has been trying too hard to control other people’s decisions instead of just letting them make their own choices. He returns to the past to fix things again, keeping the lesson he has learned in his mind.

Although Nanako is already considering singing for a game, Tsurayuki is nowhere to be found after dropping out. Furthermore, for some strange reason, Shino still shows no interest or passion for art. At the end of the episode, Kyouya meets Minori Ayaka, a junior in the art department who will become a genius artist in the future.

In season 2, after learning that his friends are still not doing what they are supposed to, the protagonist will be spurred into action. His encounter with Minori Ayaka will be pivotal in this regard as Kyouka will take her assistance to help Shino fall in love with art again. Meanwhile, to find Tsurayuki, he will go to his parents’ house accompanied by friends. The viewers can also expect Kyouka to finally pick someone between Nanako and Shino after avoiding the dreadful decision for so long.

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