Reservation Dogs Episode 6 Release Date: What to Expect?

In the fifth episode of ‘Reservation Dogs,’ Cheese goes on a short trip around the town with Big. In their journey, they end up solving the case of the mysterious scrapyard thief, but it soon becomes clear that Big’s job is tough. Despite that, he shows remarkable discipline, and the episode also delves deeper into the childhood inspiration that taught him to always fight for the greater good. To find out what motivated Big all those years ago, you can read the recap of the previous episode. In case you’re looking for the release date and other details of ‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 6, we have got your back!

Reservation Dogs Episode 6 Release Date

‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 6 is slated to premiere on September 6, 2021, at 12 am ET on FX on Hulu. The network follows a weekly release partner and drops new episodes every Monday. The inaugural season of the comedy series comprises eight episodes.

Where to Watch Reservation Dogs Episode 6 Online?

‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 6 is accessible for streaming on FX on Hulu at the aforementioned date and time. You can watch the latest episodes on Hulu as well, while Disney+ also has the series in its catalog. Fans who wish to purchase their favorite episodes can head to Video-on-demand platforms such as Google Play and iTunes. AppleTV+ is one of many streaming services that include the comedy series in its current catalog.

Reservation Dogs Episode 6 Spoilers

The sixth episode titled ‘Hunting’ may focus on the antics of the four troublemakers as they find themselves involved in another dispute with the mafia. Chase will grow closer to Big following their short trip and may begin to act far more maturely in the following installments.

Reservation Dogs Episode 5 Recap

In the fifth episode titled ‘Come and Get Your Love,’ Big takes Cheese for a long ride around the town on his cruiser. However, their short journey soon leads them to several previously inexplicable occurrences in the city. In recent times, there has been a mysterious thief who has been stealing metal from the scrapyard, and despite the best efforts of law enforcement, no one has been able to track the culprit down. Furthermore, several copper statues have also been left behind by someone all over the town, and it is speculated that it’s the work of the same scrapyard thief.

When Big answers a call of car theft, his investigation leads him to Bucky, an otherwise harmless townie who is also revealed to be responsible for the scrapyard thefts. The cop decides not to take any action against him when he promises to return the car and to stop scaring people with his strange antics. The poor working conditions that Big has to endure also come to light in the episode, and one can easily make out that his department lacks funding.

However, despite the challenges, he takes his job seriously, and we also learn why- through a series of flashbacks that go back to a long time in the past. When Big was a young boy, he first witnessed Deer Lady, the badass vigilante, fight evil. She eventually shaped his future choices when she met him at his grandmother’s funeral and advised him to fight evil and be good. It was these encounters that ultimately made him the man he is now.

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