Reservation Dogs Episode 7: What to Expect?

In the sixth episode of ‘Reservation Dogs,’ we dive into Willie Jack’s personal timeline going back years into the past, uncovering a sad incident that has affected her relationship with her father, Leon. Willie Jack decides to leave her nest and explore life in California, but Leon warns her that it might be futile to venture out of the “rez.” To know what else happens in the latest episode, read the recap. For information about ‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 7, take a look here!

Reservation Dogs Episode 7 Release Date

‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 7 is slated to premiere on September 13, 2021, at 12 am ET on FX on Hulu. The network follows a weekly release partner and drops new episodes every Monday. The inaugural season of the comedy series comprises eight episodes.

Where to Watch Reservation Dogs Episode 7 Online?

‘Reservation Dogs’ episode 7 is accessible for streaming on FX on Hulu at the aforementioned date and time. You can watch the latest episodes on Hulu as well, while Disney+ also has the series in its catalog. Fans who wish to purchase their favorite episodes can head to Video-on-demand platforms such as Google Play and iTunesAppleTV+ is one of many streaming services that include the comedy series in its current catalog.

Reservation Dogs Episode 7 Spoilers

In the seventh episode, titled ‘California Dreamin,’ Elora Danan will take a driving test. We’ve known Elora ever since the initial heist, and one thing we have gathered ever since is that she is TOUGH. Besides keeping a straight face even in the worst circumstances, she is also emotionally supportive of her friends. Daniel’s death was a huge blow to her, and even now, she has not completely recovered from the tragedy. So the next episode might give us a glimpse of her personal life as well.

Reservation Dogs Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode titled ‘Hunting’ revolves around Willie Jack, who wakes up her father Leon as soon as dawn hits, and together, they inaugurate deer season. They both reminisce about Daniel, who had left the face of the earth around a year back. In a flashback, we see Daniel returning home after an evening with Elora. He bumps into Leon, loading up a truck on the way, and asks him if he needs assistance.

Leon declines the offer and gets back to his work. Little did he know that it would be their last interaction. To this day, Leon feels pangs of guilt suffocating his insides. Willie Jack and Leon then plan to go to California. She seems okay, violating the terms of being a part of the Reservation Dogs until Leon tells her how it is impossible to leave the clan entirely. Anyone who has dreamt big and escaped to a bigger place has come back to the familiar grittiness of the “rez.”

Moving on, the cause of Daniel’s death remains a mystery. However, it is teased that he might have been dealing with internal issues. Elora, in the meantime, is following Willie Jack’s footsteps, although her intent does not seem to be as powerful as Willie’s. She looks back at her time with both Elora and Daniel to finally make peace with the present. In the end, an indecisive Willie declares that it is far from easy to leave the people close to you, so her trip to California is on hold for now.

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