Will There be a Restaurant Impossible Season 18?

‘Restaurant Impossible’ is Food Network’s long-running reality series that originally dropped in January 2011. The show features failing restaurants, which are revamped by the host so as to restore them to their former glory. Of course, the whole process needs to be executed within a fixed time frame and budget. ‘Restaurant Impossible’ has spawned over 180 episodes and 17 seasons across the years, following its original debut. And this is living proof of the show’s continual popularity. Now that it has wrapped up with its 17th edition, here is all you need to know about its potential next iteration.

Restaurant Impossible Season 18 Release Date:

‘Restaurant Impossible’ season 17 premiered on May 14, 2020, on Food Network, and wrapped up with its 13th episode on September 3, 2020. Although the channel has not officially announced a renewal, an 18th edition is already in the works as per the network’s website. Casting calls, asking struggling restaurants in need of an overhaul to lodge applications, are live on the portal. Once the production team finalizes the list of businesses to be highlighted in the next edition, we can expect filming to commence in the upcoming months. If things move as per schedule, ‘Restaurant Impossible’ season 18 will most likely premiere sometime in early 2021.

Restaurant Impossible Season 18 Host

Since its onset, the one constant face in ‘Restaurant Impossible’ has been the host — famed chef and restaurateur, Robert Irvine. Irvine is not new to reality tv and is known for his appearances in shows like ‘Dinner: Impossible’, ‘Worst Cooks in America’, ‘Operation Restaurant’, ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’, ‘Chopped: Impossible’, and ‘Restaurant Express’. He had additionally launched his own talk show, ‘The Robert Irvine Show’.

In his ventures, he is assisted by a team, comprising a rotating panel of experts. Recurring appearances are made by an HGTV designer (like Taniya Nayak, Cheryl Torrenueva, Lynn Kegan, Vanessa De Leon, Krista Watterworth, Yvette Irene, or Nicole Faccuito, among others). Irvine is additionally assisted by his general contractor + designer Tom Bury. Season 18 will see Irvine resuming his hosting duties.

What Can Restaurant Impossible Season 18 be About?

In this reality show, struggling restaurants reach out to Robert Irvine to seek help in reviving their former glory — paving the way to profitability. Irvine enters the establishment and assesses its major issues. He then devises a plan, which includes introducing fresh decor elements, refurbishing the venue, downsizing the menu, or improving the food quality. Often, Irvine also comes up with a promotional event, once the overhaul is complete. If required, he trains the staff and resolves conflicts between the restaurant’s employees.

To finish all of the above tasks, Irvine is given a time frame of two days and allocated a budget of $10,000. The episodes conclude with a batch of new customers visiting the revamped eatery. Season 18 will follow the same format while roping in a bunch of new restaurants that need a guiding hand to help them in surviving in the market.

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