When Does Restaurants on The Edge Return to Netflix?

Remember ‘Bar Rescue‘? Well, something similar, ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ is about restaurants that are on the edge of closing down. Three experts travel to these eateries and help the sites revive their charm by connecting to local culture.

The documentary was yet another addition to the n-number of culinary adventure series we see on tv. But here is the thing. When the featured experts offer their tips on improving the current conditions of the restaurants, even entrepreneurs or eatery owners can learn a thing or two. Yes, it’s informational, no doubt. So, when will ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ Season 2 release? Let’s find out.

Restaurants on The Edge Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Restaurants on the Edge’ Season 1 premiered on February 28, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of six episodes.

This series from Marblemedia and OutEast Entertainment was originally commissioned for 13 episodes. The show was released on the Canadian Blue Ant Media-owned channel, Cottage Life on January 2, 2020, prior to its launch on Netflix. Well, now the second part of the show is landing on the streamer, earlier than expected! ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ season 2 is slated to premiere on May 8, 2020.

Restaurants on The Edge Season 2 Hosts

‘Restaurants on the Edge’ is headlined by Dennis Prescott, a renowned celebrity chef and social media star; Nick Liberato, an established chef, experienced restaurateur, and familiar TV personality, who is also the series producer; and award-winning interior designer Karin Bohn, who is a native from Vancouver.

In season 2, the whole trio of experts returns to host the show.

What Can Restaurants on The Edge Season 2 be About?

When you combine ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ with ‘Love It or List It’, the hybrid version you get can be defined as the primary premise of ‘Restaurants on the Edge’. This restaurant makeover and premium lifestyle docuseries takes viewers on a virtual ride across sprawling restaurants, located in the most picturesque locales. The locations vary from the edge of the water to a mountainside and white, sandy beaches. However, although the spots are spectacular, the featured eateries are not doing well and are on the verge of closing down.

This is where our team of experts steps in, namely Karin Bohn, Dennis Prescott, and Nick Liberato. The trio travels to each site in order to give a complete overhaul to the restaurant. Not only this, but they also change the owner’s goals — by incorporating surroundings, cultures, local tastes, flavors, and textures into the restaurant’s entire eating experience.

Season 1 takes us to Malta, Hong Kong, Tobermory, Costa Rica, Austria, and St. Lucia. Matt Hornburg, Marblemedia co-CEO, and executive producer said: “There’s something very powerful about watching Dennis, Nick and Karin help these restaurant owners achieve their dreams and capitalize on their full potential. Especially when it’s part of a television show that also incorporates food, design, travel, and culture!”

Season 2 will follow the crew as they head to Finland, Muskoka, Slovenia, and Arizona — with an aim to give a facelift to failing restaurants.

Restaurants on The Edge Trailer

Check out the official trailer for season 2 below:

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