Where to Stream Retaliation?

Does one suffer an injustice silently? Or, does one act out a very particular vengeance to rectify a wrong? ‘Retaliation’ raises these questions in the intense thriller. We see a volatile demolition worker going out for a few drinks with his friends. A chance encounter with a person from his past ruins the entire night for the individual. As memories from his childhood keep rushing towards him, the protagonist must decide whether to forgive and forget, or right a serious wrong. Curious to know where to watch ‘Retaliation’? We have got you covered, directly after we tell you a little more about the film.

What is Retaliation About?

Malcolm is a demolition worker who’d been sexually abused as a child by Jimmy, a priest. When the former runs into the latter again, he wants to make his position known. The premise seeks to disturb us with Malcolm’s shocking journey. We see how he tries to cope with the trauma, often taking it out on himself. Overall, the film shakes viewers to the core, right up to the confrontation between Jimmy and Malcolm.

Is Retaliation on Netflix?

Netflix keeps making smart additions to the platform to set itself apart as a preferred streaming platform. ‘Retaliation’ is not on Netflix at the moment, but you should check out ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer.’ Yorgos Lanthimos has already made a name for himself in film circles, and with good reason. Despite this movie not ranking amongst his best, the director weaves a tale of almost supernatural vengeance which visits a near-perfect suburban family. The commentary on excess and excessive consumption aside, the film deals with Martin – a strange fatherless youth, who involves himself in the doctor’s life, and interacts with his family in increasingly unsettling ways.

Is Retaliation on Hulu?

Hulu stays ahead of competitors with a frequently updated roster of films and shows. While you won’t be able to stream ‘Retaliation’ on Hulu, you can check out ‘The Last House on the Left.’ The horror film sees gory revenge being played out on a group of guys, and one is inclined to agree that it is well-deserved. When a gang kidnaps, tortures, and murders two young girls, they don’t know that the parents live nearby. Entering the house is their mistake, and the occupants ensure it is the last one the gang makes.

Is Retaliation on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime compiles a roster of films and shows from all around the world. Their viewer base has a varied taste, and the site caters to it effortlessly. Prime subscribers cannot stream ‘Retaliation,’ as is, but you can always rent or buy and watch the movie on the platform. Check it out here.

Where to Watch Retaliation Online?

If you don’t have access to Amazon Prime, don’t worry. You can still watch ‘Retaliation.’ Head to Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, or FandangoNow to rent or buy and watch the movie.

Where to Stream Retaliation For Free?

Sorry, but there is no way to stream ‘Retaliation’ for free at the moment. You have to wait for it to arrive on a platform with a trial period. Moreover, we urge readers to pay for the art they consume.

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