Review: I Am Not Okay With This Episode 6

When Stan offered to be the mentor to Sydney’s superhero, she took it lightly. What could a couple of teenagers possibly know anything about superpowers! Even if Stan had read a bunch of comic books, he couldn’t help her control something that he had never experienced himself! But it turns out that he was right. Or at least, he guessed right.

The first step in helping Sydney was to understand where her powers came from. She never gave a thought to it herself, but briefly entertained the possibilities that were posed in front of her by Stan. She was not bitten by a spider, was not secretly experimented on and definitely did not have any alien encounters to explain why she could suddenly move things with her mind. Stan had asked her if one of her parents ever had something to do with any of those things because powers can be hereditary too. But, of course, they weren’t. Her mother wasn’t so special and her father never exhibited something like this. As far as she knows, that is.

I Am Not Okay with This Episode 6 Recap

After the incident in the library, Sydney’s paranoia increases. She is convinced that someone has been following her, which means that there is someone else who knows her truth. She and Stan pour over the footage that they had stolen from the Principal’s office, but nothing comes to light. This leads her into a fight with Stanley, and her brother, too, gets angry with her.

On top of that, Dina, who had her heart-broken after she came to know about Brad cheating on her, also feels alienated by Sydney. She asks her the truth about what actually happened in the library that day but Sydney can’t tell her that, especially when she has someone stalking her. The only reprieve that comes to her at the end of it is when she finds out the reason, or at least a part of it, behind her father’s death.

I Am Not Okay with This Episode 6 Review

After so many questions, we finally have some answers. Or at least, one of them. In ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’, which pretty much gives away the core of the episode, ‘I Am Not Okay with This’ plays on the paranoia of Sydney. After feeling a sinister presence in the library, she has become more cautious and fearful of her surroundings. She keeps her eyes on the windows, is rattled by slightest of sounds, and keeps looking over her shoulder while walking home. As if her problems weren’t enough already, she has to constantly be on guard now.

The paranoia is not sitting well with her. She is easily irritated and more distrustful of the people around her and drives them all away as a result of her actions and words. The fact that Brad has sworn vengeance against her isn’t helpful either. There are only so many things she can give her attention to.

The sudden surge in her problems leads her to the basement of her house. She admits that perhaps it is the closure about her father’s suicide that is the root of it all. It has been plaguing her all this time, and because she and her mother never talk about it, it has become even more repressed with time. On the advice of her counsellor, Sydney decides to find something of her father that can lead her to some answers. When she does discover that, secrets from her father’s past come out. She feels more connected with him than before. It answers the mystery of why her father killed himself and also convinces her that she is not going mad.

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