Ricegum Net Worth

How much is Ricegum worth? $8 Million

How did Ricegum earn his money and wealth?

Ricegum, real name Bryan Le, was born on 19 November 1996 in California, US. He attended the Sierra Vista High School and graduated from there in the year 2015. His mother wanted him to become a doctor but he Ricegum loved playing video games since his childhood days. When he was at high school, Ricegum started his own Youtube channel and often uploaded videos of him playing ‘Call of Duty’ while talking to about himself. Later, he attended the University of Nevada but decided to take a drop and start a full-time career online. As of 2018, Ricegum’s net worth is $7 million.

Ricegum is not only an American Youtube personality but is also a musician. Ricegum uploaded his first video Mw3 Gameplay ‘Lifestory:BabySitting: Ricegum’ in October 2012. Ricegum continued to add more video and also posted ‘Call of Duty’ on Twitch and amassed more than 1.5 million views as well as 180,000 subscribers. He later collaborated along with famous social media personality, Mia Khalifa on Twitch stream at the age of 18. However, his account was later terminated due to the alleged violation of their ‘Terms of Service.’

Later in November 2012, he signed a partnership deal with global gaming network known as Machinima. He released first roast Youtube hit video called ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’ in December 2015 where he is seen criticising child web-stars such as Jacob Sartorius, Loren Beech and others for posting music and dance videos containing sexual connotations. The success of this video made him a viral sensation on social media, collecting millions of hits in a short span of time.

Ricegum has uploaded a countless number of videos on his channel till date. Currently, Ricegum has a strong fan base across the globe which continues to grow with each passing day. Moreover, his Youtube channel has more than 10,000,000 subscribers currently. Apart from ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’ some of his other popular uploads include ‘Baby Ariel Roast Me!’, ‘I Mailed Myself in a Box and It Worked (Human Mail Challenge),’ ‘Jacob Sartorius Roasted Me Again,’ ‘Andy Milonakis Roast Me’ and ‘Jesse from PrankVsPrank’. All these videos combined have amassed nearly 60 million views.

Besides his main Youtube channel, Ricebum has recently also started another secondary account known as ‘RiceGumExtra’ where he posts his personal vlogs. Even though the account is not as famous as his main channel, his subscriber count has till date reached 1.3 million. Even though his vlogs are capable of getting 1 billion views, Ricebum has not uploaded his channel since his last vlog ‘Starting Daily Vlogging Again’ in November 2016.

What are the highest earnings of Ricegum?

  1. Youtube channel ‘Ricegum’ (March 2018): $121,000
  2. Youtube channel ‘Ricegum’ (February 2018): $94000
  3. Youtube channel ‘Ricegum’(April 2018): $65000
  4. Youtube channel ‘Ricegum’(May 2018): $42500
  5. Youtube channel ‘Ricegum’ (June 2018): $39000

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