Rich Piana Net Worth

How much was Rich Piana worth? $4 Million

How did Rich Piana earn his money and wealth?

Rich Piana’s fame is equally proportional to his bodybuilding career. He had about 1 million followers on YouTube, which we can talk about later. Rich Piana, born on September 26, 1971, in California, initially worked with Mutant, but started off on his own, once he broke off. He regularly posts about his work out sessions on his social media handles which are followed by millions. These are truly motivational and inspiring. He is very active on social media and is eager to reach out to more number of people. Rich Piana was first influenced by his mother, who used to lift weights in the local gym. He saw her and got inspired. Initially, he felt it was too dedicate but now knows better.

He went on to successfully win various titles such as Mr. California in 2003. He had also started his own nutrition brand 5% Nutrition. In his later interviews, he shocking admitted that he was on a series of steroids and synthetic human growth hormones which he felt would immensely help him in all his body building competitions. He also said that he was aware of the side effects and risks that came along with it, but he was willing to take that risk to have a successful career in body building.

In a video, he even told the viewers that it was a big risk to take such enhancing drugs, but given a choice, one shouldn’t indulge in them. He also clarified that at the level he was competing, there was no choice and no option which is why he had to pump his body with drugs to stay at the top of his game. All his hard work paid off when he won championships like NPC cups in many places. His strong physique has got him many short roles in series and movies to play different characters and even to perform stunts that are daring and dangerous.

After his competitions, he appeared at several fitness and body building expos and educated the public and the participants about the pros and cons of drugs on their bodies and career. He asked the budding body builders to stay away from drugs and synthetic hormones as much as possible.

Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 46, after a massive cardiac arrest which is speculated to have been caused by the excessive drugs in his body.

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