Robin Quivers Net Worth

How much is Robin Quivers worth? $45 Million

How did Robin Quiversearn her money and wealth?

The Multitalented Robin Ophelia Quivers was born in Maryland, USA, on August 8th, 1952. She is a well known and well-established actress, author, anchor and Co-host. As of 2018, Robin Quivers’ net worth is $45 Million. Robin Quivers’ career began when she graduated from the University of Maryland as a nurse. She landed her first job at the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System’s Shock Trauma Facility as a nurse. Later, in July 1975, she joined the United States Air Force, being appointed as the second lieutenant. A year later, she was promoted to first lieutenant. Quickly she ascended the ladder of the hierarchy to attain the status of Captain. After being discharged from her duties, she was a part of the US Air Force Reserve, until 1990.

Soon after she quit the Air Force, she continued her further studies at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland and also found time to work at a hospital. Her first job with the radio industry was with WIOO in Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Soon, she was working with WCMB in Harrisburg. Her next job was with WFBR, where she also got a chance to read the morning news with Johnny Walker. In 1981, she partnered with Howard Stern at WWDC in Washington, DC.

During her lifetime, Robin Quivers tried her hand at various hobbies, in order to discover herself and discover life. She tried race car driving for a while. She was very sportive and enthusiastic over it that she ended up challenging Bubba the Love Sponge, an experienced driver to compete with her. Eventually, she finished in the 14th place of 17 drivers in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race which was held in 2007.

She had also taken a Narcissism test designed by Drew Pinsky. She had the highest score among those that took the test: 34 out of a total 40 which indicated a high level of narcissism.

In 2014, Robin Quivers was awarded the coveted 45th NAACP Image Awards for her book: The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life. Robin Quivers made her feature film debut in 1997 with Howard Stern’s Autobiography based Private Parts. She has also appeared on television shows like Deadly Web and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She has appeared as a guest on talk shows like Larry King Live, 60 Minutes and The View.

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