Robin Wright Net Worth

How much is Robin Wright Worth? $65 million

How did Robin Wright earn her money and wealth?

After high school, Wright was encouraged to act by her modeling agent and landed a lead part on the soap opera Santa Barbara. Though she lacked any formal acting training and often shot her scenes the same day she received a script, with no rehearsal, Wright earned three Daytime Emmy nominations for her work on the show. All this hard work drew the attention of director Rob Reiner, who decided to audition her for the lead role in his new film, an “Irreverent” (1987) take on Robin Hood-style swashbuckler films called “The Princess Bride”. An iconic film that resonated with children and adults alike, “The Princess Bride” launched Wright to stardom; her winning performance as Princess Buttercup suddenly transformed her into a famous film actor at the age of 21. A year after the film’s release, Wright divorced her first husband of two years, Dane Witherspoon.

Despite the success of “The Princess Bride”, Wright was ambitious and did not want to be typecast early on as a victimized damsel character actor. Determined not to let her blond hair or good looks get in the way of more complex roles, she turned down one-dimensional, passive female parts in blockbusters like “Jurassic Park” and “Batman Forever” in favor of a much darker role in the State of Grace, a gritty 1990 film about Irish gangsters. While shooting the film, she fell in love with her costar, Sean Penn, and became pregnant shortly thereafter with the pair’s first daughter, Dylan Frances, followed soon by their son, Hopper Jack. She turned down the role of Maid Marian in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” due to her pregnancy but came back for “The Playboys”.

She played Jenny in “Forrest Gump”, a film that became a huge hit and has remained an enduring moviegoer favorite. Like many of Wright’s characters, Jenny is a tortured soul who suffers from drug addiction and depression but has a wild spirit and cannot be contained. The movie ends with Jenny dying from AIDS, a far cry from the irrepressible damsel Wright played in “The Princess Bride”.

She became engaged to actor Ben Foster in January 2014, but the couple called it quits 10 months after the announcement. Later, in 2017, Wright was romantically linked to Clement Giraudet, the worldwide VIP relations manager for French fashion house Saint Laurent. On TV, Wright has appeared on shows like The Yellow Rose, Saturday Night Live, Enlightened and House of Cards. Her other notable films that earned her nominations from several renowned awards-giving bodies include Moll Flanders, Loved, She’s So Lovely, Nine Lives, Empire Falls, Breaking and Entering and Sorry, Haters.

Wright is the Honorary Spokesperson for the Dallas, Texas-based non-profit The Gordie Foundation. In 2014, Wright co-partnered with two California based companies; Pour Les Femmes and The SunnyLion. The SunnyLion donates a portion of its profits to the Raise Hope For Congo movement.

What are the highest grossing movies of Robin Wright?

  1. Wonder Woman: $412,563,408
  2. Forrest Gump: $330,252,182
  3. Blade Runner 2049: $91,952,038
  4. Rampart: $972,512
  5. The Crossing Guard: $868,979
  6. Adore: $318,982
  7. The Congress: $137,815

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