Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 1: What to Expect?

‘Robot Chicken’ season 10 finale follows Nerd as he embarks on misadventures around the world. His poor decision-making lands him in several problems, and he also ends up getting arrested, which ultimately turns out to be a blessing as he gets to meet Deadpool. After almost a decade of the show’s first premiere, the reasons for the Mad Scientist’s experiments are finally revealed.

In case you missed out on the 200th episode of the adult animated sketch comedy series, then we recommend you go through our detailed recap. Since season 11 is about to be released, fans can’t be any more excited for the show’s latest episode. In case you plan on watching it, here’s all the information that you will need.

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 1 Release Date

‘Robot Chicken’ season 11 episode 1 is all set to release on September 6, 2021, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim. The latest installment comprises 11 episodes with a runtime of 11-12 minutes each.

Where to Watch Robot Chicken Season 11 Online

‘Robot Chicken’ season 11 is available for streaming on Adult Swim’s official website, HBO Max, and Hulu. Live TV streaming platforms such as YouTubeTV, SlingTV, DirecTV, Spectrum, and FuboTV can also be used to watch the latest episodes. You can watch previous seasons and check for the availability of the latest installment on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Vudu, AppleTV+, Xfinity, and Amazon Prime.

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 1 Spoilers

‘Robot Chicken’ season 11 episode 1 titled ‘May Cause a Whole Lotta Scabs’ will focus on the eponymous protagonist as he embarks on a new adventure. Meanwhile, Red Skull will fight his arch-enemy to settle the score finally. Rey may find something unexpected at the Skywalker’s homestead.

Robot Chicken Season 10 Finale Recap

Season 10, Episode 20, titled ‘Endgame,’ makes things interesting by including a choose-your-own-adventure gimmick as the recurring theme of the overall episode. Nerd joins a new school after his old one is turned into a for-profit prison. Although he does not find the father figure that he is looking for, the principal offers him training to fight the supernatural instead of wasting time reading books. The following night, they head to a cemetery where Nerd is told by his new mentor to kill the vampire, but he accidentally ends up butchering people who are there to pay their respect to their loved ones.

The principal then offers to send him to a magic school in Britain where things go horribly wrong as Nerd fails to pronounce his spells correctly and puts the headmaster Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort in trouble. Hoping that third time will be the charm, he joins the Academy of Unseen Arts, where he disturbs the Dark Lord’s orgy. He is then banished to Jurassic World, where Nerd becomes a dinosaur and barely manages to escape the havoc unleashed by falling asteroids. Unfortunately, he then finds himself at an illegal auction which gets raided just in time when he is about to be sold to an older woman.

He is then captured and put in jail, where Nerd meets Deadpool. He then wishes to be rescued by a famous model or actress but does not expect to see a man lending him a helping hand as he leaves his choices open to interpretation. At the end of the episode, the mad scientist reveals that he has fed all the data of all ten seasons of the show into his computer to find the perfect joke.

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