Rock & Roll Road Trip Season 5: Premiere Date and Cast

‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ is a musical reality series that first premiered on January 24, 2016, on AXS TV. The show is directed by Jim VanVranken, Evan Haiman, Jeff Carman, Devin Dehaven, and Stephen Stormer. It follows Sammy Hagar as he hits the road and meets some of the most famous rock & roll artists around the U.S.

He sometimes interviews them, and sometimes performs with them. He also visits their homes and the places where they like to find inspiration. The show also features performances of Sammy and his behind the scenes rehearsals with his band.

Having had four successful seasons, fans are now wondering if ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ Season 5 is in the works. We delve into that after sharing the show’s details.

Rock & Roll Road Trip Cast: Who’s in it?

Sammy Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker is the host of the show. Sammy is a renowned rock musician, vocalist, and songwriter. He became widely known in the 1970s with his band called Montrose. His solo video, ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ became a massive hit.

He also replaced David Lee Roth as the lead singer in Van Halen and was later inducted in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Van Halen member. Currently, he is the lead singer of ‘The Circle’, which is also featured in the show from time to time.

Along with Hagar, Kari Hagar, his wife, is also a part of the show. The Circle’s Vic Johnson (lead guitarist), Michael Anthony (bass guitarist), Jason Bonham (drummer), Aaron Hagar, Tommy Lee, Mick Fleetwood, and Joe Satriani are also the part of the show. Different guests like Bob Weir, Jerry Cantrell, Alice Cooper, Nancy Wilson, and Mickey Hart have also appeared on the show in the past.

Rock & Roll Road Trip Plot: What is it about?

Sammy Hagar meets some of the most prominent names of the rock & roll music industry, visits their homes and performs with them. He visits Sunset Blvd and meets with Van Halen legend Michael Anthony. After that, he visits the former drummer of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee and later, The All-Star Trio performs at Tommy’s place.

After the amazing performance, Sammy heads west to meet the members of the Grateful Dead at Mill Valley, California. Before performing a spacey jam at Mickey Hart’s studio in the beautiful mountains, Sammy along with Bob Weir, prepare an acoustic at the Sweetwater Music Hall for all the Deadheads.

Sammy heads to Phoenix, Arizona and meets Alice Cooper, best known as ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock’. Sammy and his band, The Circle, perform at SunFest (Florida’s largest waterfront music festival) and at Carolina Rebellion Festival in North Carolina. On his annual ‘Birthday Bash’, Sammy performs at Cabo for his fans called ‘Redheads’.

In Season 2 and 3, Sammy performs his annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure concert at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco. Later, John Mayer, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Melissa Etheridge, Pat Monahan, and Tommy Lee perform together on the stage with Sammy.

Sammy meets Roger Daltrey at Lake Tahoe and they perform the most popular classics of The Who. He meets Mick Jones, the guitarist at The Circuit, and they perform Foreigner’s hit ‘Dirty White Boy’. Sammy arrives at the Rockfest and performs with his band.

In Season 4, Sammy visits Billy Bob and Willie Nelson at Texas, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong at Chong’s house, Rick Springfield, Charlie Daniels, Rick Hendrick, Jimmie Johnson, George Thorogood, Robby Krieger, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Aronoff, Jason Bonham, Sheila E., and Duff.

He meets all these renowned musicians and interviews them regarding their careers and rock music. Sammy mostly ends up jamming with these renowned faces at some concert or privately. The audience is also taken through different music concerts all over the U.S. and given first-hand backstage footage.

Rock & Roll Road Trip Season 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ Season 4 premiered on May 5, 2019, on AXS TV. The season was spread across 12 episodes and the last episode released on July 28, 2019. The show has performed very well among the audience. The series is a treat for all the rock lovers as the episodes do not just feature some of the biggest names of the rock music but also capture them performing with Sammy – sometimes impromptu as well.

It gives people a nostalgia for the ’80s and ’90s and at the same time, takes them to some of the most happening music concerts around the States.

There is no official announcement for the release of Season 5 yet. In the upcoming season, we can expect more renowned faces, more happening concerts and a lot more jams and performances. As per our guess, it is likely that ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ Season 5 will release sometime around June 2020.

Rock & Roll Road Trip Trailer:

You can catch the glimpse of one of the previous seasons below, to get an idea of the show.

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