Where to Stream Rocketman?

The life of famous musician Elton John has been colorful, to say the least. He is an iconic figure and is known for his over the top personality. ‘Rocketman’ captures the troubled but meteoric rise of the star in this musical biography, where we get a peek behind the curtain at the abusive relationships and the substance abuse that fueled a major part of Elton’s life and career.

One cannot help but feel sorry for the man who gave us such beautiful music when we see him going through such tremendous pain and chilling loneliness in the film. Rock n’ Roll is perceived to be all about drugs, sex, and the wild lifestyle, but ‘Rocketman’ patiently goes beyond all that, to the very core of what drives Elton as a rock n’ roll musician, and paints a painful picture.

Notably, the film is titled after Elton’s 1972 song “Rocket Man.” Upon release, it garnered praise for the performances, costume design, and most importantly, the music sequences. If you have not seen the movie, you must be wondering where you might be able watch it. If you have already seen the film, you might want to rewatch the movie to understand the pain this brilliant artist went through. Either way, before we tell you where to watch ‘Rocketman’, let us take you through the plot of the movie.

What is Rocketman About?

‘Rocketman’ is about the meteoric rise in Elton John’s (Taron Egerton) career, while at the same time an examination of how his personal life was in shambles. The story is told in flashbacks and peppered with Elton John’s own songs to fit the mood. We begin with Elton at an addiction rehabilitation center, recounting his life.

The story takes us to England in the 1950s, when young Elton, born Reginald Dwight, is raised by his cold and unaffectionate mother, Sheila, and his more loving grandmother, Ivy. Stanley, his father, serves in the Royal Air Force. As a result, he is mostly absent from his son’s life and home. We see a young Reginald begin to show interest in music and the piano, discovering his ability to play by the ear. He is able to play a piece perfectly after hearing it once. Although he hopes to perform for his father once he returns from the war, his father has no interest in Reginald’s musical progress. However, Ivy supports her grandson’s formal training and he eventually makes his way to the Royal Academy of Music.

Reginald also develops an interest in rock music and icons like Elvis Presley, while his family life falls apart when his father discovers that his mother was having an affair with another man. It is during Reginald’s stint with the band Bluesology when a soul singer recommends that he change his name and forget his old life if he wants to make it big in music. Thus we get Elton John.

Elton soon makes it big and begins recording. This is also the time when he meets Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), who quickly becomes his friend and partner in music. Although Elton’s former bandmates reject him due to his homosexuality, Bernie does not mind, and the two continue. All this while, as Elton’s career skyrockets, his personal life is more and more plagued by feelings of loneliness.

Things get even worse when John Reid (Richard Madden) enters his life. Reid becomes Elton’s abusive romantic partner, which only increases once he becomes Elton’s manager as well. ‘Rocketman’ takes a bold step in becoming the first major Hollywood film to have a male gay sex scene. Reid is a negative influence on Elton and sends him on a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and sex, while Elton develops the flamboyant onstage personality that we know him for.

Reid’s manipulation results in Elton being further isolated, as he severs ties with his family, realizing neither his father nor his mother cares about him or his sexuality. His dependency on a concoction of drugs and alcohol increases, and he also attempts suicide. All this while, Reid is unrelenting and does not really seem to care about Elton beyond the money he makes him. He keeps thrusting Elton to performances and does not slow down even after Elton has a heart attack. All of these take a toll on the musician’s life, and he falls out with the people who are actually his friends and trying to help him, case in point, Bernie. It is almost as if the heart attack is rock bottom, and as he is thrust into a performance at Madison Square Gardens, Elton realizes how his life is spiraling out of his hands and leaves before the concert is over. This is juxtaposed beautifully with the song ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.

Eventually, we see Elton go to rehab and realize that he does not need his parents’ or Reid’s approval. He also rekindles his friendship with Bernie and learns to make a comeback as a musician without the drugs and alcohol.

The film ends on the note, saying that Elton John has been sober for over 28 years, and happens to remain good friends with Bernie. He is married to David Furnish and has two children with him.

It is indeed a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll, and Elton John found that out at great personal expense. However, let us now tell you where you can watch ‘Rocketman’.

Is Rocketman on Netflix?

Netflix has an amazing library that can cater to almost everyone’s tastes. While ‘Rocketman’ might not be on Netflix yet, if you are in the mood to find out what life is like for a musician on the road, you can check out the documentary on Motley Crue titled ‘The Dirt‘.

Is Rocketman on Hulu?

Hulu has a fast-growing collection of content, and it is establishing itself as a serious competitor to other streamers. While ‘Rocketman’ is not on Hulu, you can check out the movie on Janis Joplin’s life titled ‘Janis: Little Girl Blue‘.

Is Rocketman on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has a fantastic library that can perhaps only be bested by Netflix. While the streaming platform does not have ‘Rocketman’, you can still understand the combination of drugs and music like never before if you watch ‘The Doors‘ on the platform.

Where Can I Stream Rocketman Online?

‘Rocketman’ cannot be streamed online at this moment, since the film came out recently and is not available on the internet for streaming. You should wait for a while before it becomes available for streaming.

When Will Rocketman be Available on DVD and BluRay?

‘Rocketman’ is available on DVD or BluRay. Buy your copies here.

Can I Watch Rocketman Online For Free?

I am sorry to let down you freeloaders. Until ‘Rocketman’ is available on some streaming platform, there is no legal way for you to watch it for free. On the upside, it is still running in some theaters, so you can still catch the movie if you want to.

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