Preview: Room 104 Season 4 Episode 12

Room 104 Filming Locations

‘Room 104’ is nearing the end of its fourth season’s run. And sadly, the ongoing edition is the last installment from the series. Therefore, we were not surprised when we received a transformative penultimate episode this week. Titled ‘Fur’, episode 11, written and directed by EP Mel Eslyn, is conceptualized in the animated format — for the first time in the history of the show. More on that later. Before that, let’s check out the details of the final episode.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date:

‘Room 104’ season 4 episode 12 will premiere on October 9, 2020, at 11 pm ET/ 10 pm CT on HBO. The 12th episode serves as the finale for the 4th and last edition of ‘Room 104’.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Generations’, written by Julian Wass and directed by Sydney Fleischmann. As outlined by HBO, here is its official synopsis: “Keir relives painful memories of the moments that shaped him as he prepares for his Generations Ceremony.” It stars Ntare Mwine, Rebecca Hazlewood, Susan Park, Kristina Hanna, Saidah Ekulona Arrika, Christopher Farrah, and Kaya Rose Davis in the lead roles.

Where to Stream Room 104 Season 4 Episode 12 Online?

‘Room 104’ airs on HBO. It releases new episodes at the above time slot every Friday night and wraps up with its 12th episode on October 9, 2020. So tune in to the channel each week at 11 pm ET and catch the latest episodes on tv. All you need is an active cable connection. Otherwise, with a cable subscriber id, you can also head to HBO’s official site and catch the season online. You have the option to stream ‘Room 104’ with your HBO subscription on HBO Max. HBO Go, and HBO Now. No cable? Well, there are several options for cord cutters as well. One of the most popular live-streaming, cable-free platforms is DirecTV. Otherwise, episodes are also available on Hulu and can be rented on Amazon Prime Video.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 starts off with two little animated girls hiding under the bed and trying to conceal themselves from a cleaner, who eventually leaves the room. Now, finally free, the friends start bingeing on junk and enjoying their last days of summer. Finn and Gray then start conversing about topics such as puberty. While Gray says that she is worried about not getting ‘it’ soon, Finn asks her not to think so much. They then leaf through their high school yearbook and after seeing a guy called John, ask him to join them in Room 104.

John reaches soon after and the trio starts drinking. But then, Gray and Finn get into an argument over John. John gets attracted to Finn and when Gray heads to the bathroom, he makes a move on F. We see Finn transforming into a werewolf and John turning into a Hulk-like entity. At that moment, Gray returns and helps her friend in overpowering John. This is when Gray becomes a werewolf as well and entwines with Finn to finally defeat the boy. After John exits, the two girls happily dance together to a tune. THE END!

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