Run Rabbit Run 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Directed by Daina Reid, Netflix’s horror film ‘Run Rabbit Run’ revolves around Mia, a little girl who pretends to be Alice. She asks her mother Sarah to call her Alice and adds that the fertility doctor isn’t really her mother. Mia also tells Sarah that she needs to see Joan, her grandmother, only to see the latter as her mother. The changes in Mia forces Sarah to dive into her past, specifically the supposed disappearance of her sister Alice. Through Mia, Alice returns to Sarah’s life and the film progresses through its consequences.

Since the Australian film ends with a startling cliffhanger, the viewers must be wondering whether a sequel to the same will materialize to wrap up Mia’s terrifying tale. So, will Netflix approve a second part of the film, which received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences alike? Let us share our thoughts regarding the same!

Will There be Run Rabbit Run 2?

‘Run Rabbit Run’ premiered on January 19, 2023, at the Sundance Film Festival. The film had its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on June 10, 2023. The Daina Reid directorial released on Netflix on June 28, 2023, in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other selected territories.

As far as the prospects of a sequel, here’s what we can share. As of now, neither Netflix nor the producers of the film released a statement concerning the sequel to ‘Run Rabbit Run.’ However, the film concludes with immense scope for a sequel to happen, especially because of its open ending. The horror drama ends with the late Alice walking to the cliff along with Sarah’s daughter Mia. Sarah witnesses the same and gets shocked, which leaves her helpless. The potential sequel may begin with Sarah’s efforts to save Mia from the apparent clutches of Alice’s spirit/supernatural existence.

In addition, the film only depicts the relationship between Sarah and Alice subtly, without giving away much detail concerning their intricate togetherness as sisters. Although it is revealed that Sarah killed Alice and remained silent when her parents believed that her sister went missing, there is ambiguity concerning why the former killed her seven-year-old sister. If the sequel materializes, the same can explore the same through flashback sequences as the original film while depicting Sarah’s efforts as a mother to safeguard her daughter. We can also expect more clarity about how Mia got to know about Alice in the potential sequel.

Since Sarah and Alice’s complicated relationship and the latter’s death have enough scope to become a standalone movie, it will not be a surprise if director Daina Reid, screenwriter Hannah Kent, the producers of the film, and Netflix consider developing a prequel. Having said that, the significance of Mia’s fate in the film may tempt the creative heads behind the film to consider developing a sequel rather than a prequel. If Netflix approves the scope of a follow-up film and decides to greenlight the same, we can expect the ‘Run Rabbit Run’ sequel to release sometime in Q2 2025.

In recent years, horror has been one of the genres in which sequels are being developed the most. The recent examples of ‘It Chapter Two,’ ‘Terrifier 2,’ ‘A Quiet Place Part II,’ ‘Scream,’ etc., are a testament to the same. Since Netflix is known for developing sequels to successful films, the ‘Run Rabbit Run’ sequel may get greenlighted by the streaming giant, especially if the film’s viewership, along with other factors, satisfies the same.

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