Ruthless Episode 13: Release Date And Streaming Details

The premise of ‘Ruthless’ is as “ruthless” as it sounds. It is about a mother who abducts her own daughter Callie into a sex-crazed, patriarchal cult called the Rakudushis — basically, a child-trafficking group that is preparing for the upcoming ‘race war’. Ruth is an Elder member of the cult and in order to ascend to this position, she was gang-raped by seven high-ranking officials. Leading the Rakudushis is the violent and sexually sadistic Highest, who is helped by his right-hand man, Dikhan. Andrew infiltrated the cult as an FBI agent but now, he is a devoted follower himself. His wife is Sarah and he is in a forbidden, sexual relationship with Tally.

‘Ruthless’, no doubt, brings in similar vibes from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. The show, which has spanned 12 episodes to date on BET, received a full-season order of 24 episodes. However, after airing its mid-season finale, it went on a hiatus. Read on to know when the next episode will hit tv screens.

Ruthless Season 1 Episode 13 Release Date & Season 2 Prospects:

‘Ruthless’ season 1 premiered on March 19, 2020, on BET. It aired its 12th episode on June 4, 2020. ‘Ruthless’ episode 13 will release on November 26, 2020. It will wrap up with its 24th episode on January 28, 2021.

Created as a spinoff to ‘The Oval’, ‘Ruthless’ holds immense scope for a renewal — especially because of its riveting storyline. We are positive that BET will greenlight it for another season at least. Once that happens, we can expect ‘Ruthless’ season 2 to premiere sometime in late 2021. You can also expect a shorter waiting time if the production timeline for the next edition is in lieu of that of season 1 (which was filmed in 13 days).

Where to Watch Ruthless Episode 13 Online?

‘Ruthless’ airs new episodes every Thursday at 10 pm ET. You can catch episode 13 by tuning into BET through a cable connection. Additionally, you can stream the released episodes on the show’s official website by visiting or BET+. Live-streaming, cable-free platforms include FuboTV and Sling TV. You can also catch the episodes by subscribing to BET+ on Amazon Prime Video.

Ruthless Episode 13 Spoilers

Following Ruth’s kidnapping of her daughter Callie, we have seen many events unfold within the Rakudushi cult. While Tally is punished for her rebellious behavior, Sarah is suspicious about Andrew’s whereabouts. FBI agent Brian seeks revenge on the Rakudushi, Lynn returns home and Ruth is forced to maintain her show of loyalty. Ruth eventually partners with Tally to escape from the cult. But her devotion is again tested in a gruesome ordeal. Meanwhile, Tally discovers that Andrew was part of the seven men who had gang-raped Ruth. On the other hand, we also learn that Dikhan was in a homosexual relationship with the Highest. Malcolm also reveals that he has feelings for Sarah. With so many twists and multiple cliffhangers in the mid-season finale, we expect these incomplete storylines to be explored in the upcoming episodes.

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