Will There be More of Save My Skin?

Save My Skin Season 2

‘Save My Skin’ is a reality show that features a first-rate dermatologist who treats people suffering from harsh skin conditions, some of which are extremely deadly and require urgent surgery. The show falls in the same realm as ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’. Noting the extreme popularity of its predecessor, viewers had great expectations from the series. And with its first installment having concluded, read on to know everything about ‘Save My Skin’ season 2.

Save My Skin Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Save My Skin’ Season 1 released on February 20, 2020, Thursday, at 11 pm ET on TLC. It consisted of eight episodes and ended with its finale on April 9, 2020.

Talking about the show, Howard Lee, President, and GM at TLC said in a press release, “At TLC, audiences absolutely love our unmatched stories of transformation, where we showcase some of the best doctors in their fields improving lives, inside and out. Dr. Emma brings incredible humility, heart, and humor to each of her cases and most importantly, gives patients their confidence back. I’m so excited for her to join our growing roster of amazing doctors on TLC.”

As expected, the inaugural installment of the show garnered a loyal fanbase, who are drawn to all things gross, yet fascinating and somehow satisfying. TLC has not offered any update on its potential renewal. But we are positive that it should get another season soon. If renewed, we can expect ‘Save My Skin’ season 2 to premiere sometime in February 2021.

Save My Skin Season 2 Host

‘Save My Skin’ features Dr. Emma Craythorne as the central figure of the show.

Dr. Emma Craythorne is a Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon practicing at The Harley Street Clinic in London. You may recognize Emma from the show ‘The Bad Skin Clinic,’ which is actually the UK version of ‘Save My Skin.’ Dr. Emma is well known for her expertise on all skin conditions, ranging from scarring, cosmetic issues, peeling, skin cancer, clots to other general dermatology needs. She has also received the Bristol Cup Award and Hugh Dowling Award for her work in the field. The other cast members include her patients, helpers, interns, etc.

Season 2, as and when it happens, will definitely witness the return of Craythorne.

What Can Save My Skin Season 2 be About?

‘Save My Skin’ showcases Dr. Emma working her magic on her patients and transforming their lives with utmost determination, patience, humor, and sheer empathy. Each episode features new patients with a heart-touching backstory, and Dr. Emma helps them reclaim their confidence and lives.

In season 1, we follow Dr. Emma as she helps Louise with her painful skin condition, Andrew with the multiple bumps on his scalp, Scott with his odorous cysts, Tracey with an ugly lump on the leg, Mitchell with her several scars, and Lynn with her severe acne, among others. Season 2, when renewed will follow Dr. Emma as she attempts to give a new life to several patients suffering from serious skin ailments.

Save My Skin Trailer

Here’s the trailer of season 1!

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