Scenes From a Marriage Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers

In episode 3 of ‘Scenes From a Marriage,’ Mira and Jonathan meet after nearly a year to discuss something important following their very ugly separation that led to Jonathan’s breakdown. Both have clearly changed in their time apart but are harboring new secrets that will define the course of what’s left of their relationship.

You can read more about what the duo is hiding from each other in the recap section. For those of you who are more curious about how Mira and Jonathan’s relationship will progress and whether they will reconcile, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Scenes From a Marriage’ episode 4!

Scenes From a Marriage Episode 4 Release Date

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ episode 4 will premiere on October 3, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HBO. The miniseries contains five episodes which are one hour in length each. New episodes are broadcast on the channel every Sunday in the same timeslot.

Where to Watch Scenes From a Marriage Episode 4 Online?

Folks with an active cable subscription can watch ‘Scenes From a Marriage’ episode 4 by tuning in on HBO when it airs on the network. Cord-cutters can stream the new episode with the help of live TV streaming services such as Spectrum, DirecTV, Xfinity, and YouTube TV. The upcoming episode will land on HBO Max after it airs on television. You can also watch the fourth episode on Hulu, provided you have added HBO Max to your subscription.

Scenes From a Marriage Episode 4 Spoilers

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ episode 4 — titled ‘The Illiterates’ — is the penultimate installment of the miniseries. In the new episode, we will get a look at Mira and Jonathan’s relationship after they both realize that they can salvage their marriage. It is possible that Mira and Jonathan decide to move, and we will see them preparing to leave their old house.

In the process of packing, we are likely to get glimpses of the happier times they shared with each other. However, it will be interesting to see whether the duo reminiscing over their past ignites the fire of reconciliation or reinvokes their suppressed anger towards each other.

Scenes From a Marriage Episode 3 Recap

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ episode 3, called ‘The Vale of Tears,’ picks up roughly a year after Mira leaves her husband. She returns home to talk to Jonathan, but the conversation isn’t about their broken marriage. Over dinner, Mira reveals that she has been offered a promotion that requires her to move to London.

Jonathan immediately assumes that Mira wants to take their daughter, Ava, with her. However, Mira asks Jonathan to move to London so he can be with Mira and continue his sabbatical. Soon the former couple gets to drinking, and the secrets that they have been holding come out. As it turns out, Poli dumped Mira. Hence, she asks Jonathan to move to London with her in hopes of reconciling their relationship.

Although, Jonathan is already aware of this and waits to see if Mira is thinking of patching things up between them. He breaks up with his girlfriend as soon as he realizes there is a potential for reconciliation with Mira. Their conversation is interrupted by Ava, who wakes up from sleep. The episode ends with Jonathan putting Ava back to sleep.

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