Preview: Schitt’s Creek S06 E08

Schitt’s Creek‘ is a Canadian sitcom that has managed to make audiences laugh and cry while adapting to modern sensibilities extremely well. The fact that the series is set in a tiny town makes the show’s liberal outlook even more impressive.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ is created by the father-son duo, Dan and Eugene Levy. The two of them also star in the television series as father and son. Currently, in its final season, the sitcom follows a wealthy family’s massive change in lifestyle after they lose all their possessions and are forced to move into a tiny, ugly village.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The eighth episode of the sixth season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is scheduled to premiere on February 25, 2020 at 9/8c on Pop TV. The episode is titled ‘The Presidential Suite’ and returns one week after the seventh episode of the season was aired. The show follows a weekly format with each new episode slated to be released every Tuesday.

Where to Watch Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Episode 8 Online?

You can watch the eighth episode of the sixth season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ by tuning into Pop TV during the time slot mentioned above. Otherwise, you can also catch it on the Pop TV website or the Pop Now app if you have a valid cable provider’s login.

Other than that, FuboTVDirect TV, and YouTube TV  also offer live TV subscriptions allowing one to watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ online. However, if you are willing to wait till the entire season finishes, you can watch the episode on Netflix as it uploads newer seasons of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ once it has finished airing an entire season completely. Plus, specific episodes can also be bought/rented on Amazon Prime Video. 

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Episode 7 Recap:

The seventh episode of the sixth season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ sees Alexis becoming a “regional marketing invigorator” for a female-centric corporation that seeks to provide women with an unparalleled spiritual experience. However, the organization is a scam to get naive women to be a part of a cult.

Stevie, Jocelyn, Twyla and Ronnie also join the class along with Alexis. Stevie thinks that the class is a sham and pushes Alexis to inquire further. Alexis realizes that the class is a scam when she asks the instructor what “ascend to the gateway” means.  Alexis and the others escape the class through an emergency exit.

A certain Herb Ertlinger invites Moira to his winery as he wants to name a wine after her since he is a fan of her recently released movie. Patrick is making David understand baseball. To get out of it, David and Moira come up with an act. But Patrick sees through it and offers to let them go. At the winery, David and Moira hate the wines that they are made to taste.

Roland thinks that Johnny should have a talk with Patrick before his and David’s wedding. Johnny gets characteristically awkward. But Patrick senses that and promises him to take care of David earnestly. Then, the two of them go to pick up their intoxicated partners.