Schmigadoon! Episode 3: What’s in Store?

Josh and Melissa’s surreal adventure in the quaint musical town of Schmigadoon continues as they find themselves stranded there, devoid of “true love.” However, this doesn’t stop either of them from having some fun on the side, and a raunchy auction soon has them hobnobbing with the town’s eligible locals. Episode 2 ends with a grizzled man pointing his gun at Josh, who has just been locking lips with the old man’s daughter. Can’t wait to find out what happens next? Here’s everything we know about ‘Schmigadoon!’ episode 3.

Schmigadoon! Episode 3 Release Date

‘Schmigadoon!’ episode 3 is set to premiere on July 23, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. The first 2 episodes of the season were released simultaneously on July 16, 2021, with new episodes out every Friday. The season finale will air on August 13, 2021. In total, season 1 has 6 half-hour episodes.

Where to Stream Schmigadoon! Episode 3 Online?

The show is an Apple production, and therefore ‘Schmigadoon!’ season 1 episode 3 will stream exclusively on their platform — Apple TV+. All previously released as well as upcoming episodes of the show can be watched here. The streaming service also offers a free 7-day trial which you can use to check out the show.

Schmigadoon! Episode 3 Spoilers

Episode 3 is titled ‘Cross That Bridge’ and most likely refers to the magical bridge that Josh and Melissa find themselves stranded on with the town of Schmigadoon inexplicably on both sides. The bridge also likely refers to a metaphorical mending of their relationship as we last see them broken up, each on their own separate date with the young town locals. Melissa seems to be head over heels for her date Danny. However, things seem almost too good to be true, and we will likely see their fling hit a rough patch. Josh, of course, already has a gun pointed at him for his overtures on a (suspiciously) young girl and will most likely realize how fraught with danger “dating” in the 1940s town is.

We will also likely see more of the preacher’s wife, who is not happy about the progressive ideas their new guests from the 21st century have brought with them. She seems to be plotting something with her group of black-clad village conservatives and could end up setting her plan in motion. Interestingly, her objectives actually align with those of Josh and Melissa as they all just want the modern couple out of Schmigadoon. However, we will most likely see some friction between them in episode 3.

Schmigadoon! Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 opens with Josh and Melissa arguing at the bridge, having realized what they share is not “true love,” which is why they are still stuck in the town of Schmigadoon. The townspeople regale them with a song about a “lover’s spat,” which likely makes things worse, and Melissa breaks up with Josh. Once on their separate ways, Melissa is consoled by the mayor while Josh gets suggestive hints from the many young girls in the town, all of whom seem floored by his apparent joke about “sleeping like a log.”

An auction held shortly after to raise money to replace all the supposedly sacrilegious books burnt by the preacher’s wife results in Josh making off with one of the young village girls and Melissa being “bought” by a dashing young man named Danny. The two go off on their separate dates. Melissa, who is slightly inebriated, locks lips with Danny. Josh, however, finds himself facing a gun belonging to the father of the girl when he is discovered kissing her.

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