Scissor Seven Season 4: Release Date and Plot Details

‘Scissor Seven’ is an animated series that revolves around Seven, an amnesiac bounty hunter who is horrible at his job and often ends up going after the wrong person in his assassination assignments. In order to repay his debt, he works as a hairdresser during the day and is desperately trying to regain his memories. His quest to reclaim his lost past often puts him in perilous positions, but the comical hero always finds a way out despite his subpar abilities. Ever since it first premiered on April 25, 2018, the hilarious misadventures of the assassin have entertained viewers worldwide.

The action-packed series has garnered a huge global fan following and has also won critics’ approbation for its funny and engaging storytelling. After the conclusion of the third season, fans are wondering whether they will get to see their favorite characters again or not? In case you find yourself wondering the same, we have got you covered.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date

‘Scissor Seven’ season 3 dropped in its entirety on October 3, 2021, on Netflix. The third installment comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 16-20 minutes each. Prior to its international release on the streaming giant, the animated show aired in China from January to May 2021 on Bilibili, Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, and Sohu Video.

As far as season 4 of the series is concerned, here’s everything we know so far. Neither the people nor the companies involved in the production of previous installments have officially confirmed the renewal of the fourth season of the series. The future of the animated show depends heavily on its domestic reception, where it has done surprisingly well in the last few years. The high-rating and positive reviews in the West and the rest of the world are now an added incentive.

Although it’s too early to guess whether viewers outside China would like the third season or not, the final episode ends on a cliffhanger with Seven struggling with the effects of black ice poison, which is slowly erasing his memories and making him weak. The inconclusive ending shows an active interest of the creators to come up with another season which seems plausible in the context of its ever-growing global fanbase and high ratings. The factors mentioned above almost ensure that the animated series will return with another installment.

If the show gets renewed in the following months, it will probably release in China in mid-2022. However, international fans may have a long wait ahead of themselves. Previously, the animated series was released six months on average after its conclusion in China. Keeping that in mind, we can presume ‘Scissor Seven’ season 4 to premiere internationally sometime in early 2023.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Plot: What it Can be About?

In the season 3 finale, Thirteen wakes up from an unexpected dream about her life that moves her to tears. However, before she can ponder over her past, she realizes that Seven is missing. She immediately decides to protect her friend and starts looking for him. But by the time she finds him, Seven is in bad shape. The protagonist is struggling with the influence of black ice poison, which is slowly taking his precious memories away and making him weaker.

Shadow assassin Manjusaka, Shimen, and Blackbird appear to have made up their minds to take out Seven, and now only Thirteen stands in their way. While Manjusaka looks on, she fights a brutal battle with Blackbird. With the power of Thousand Demon Daggers, Thirteen luckily makes up for the mismatch in her capabilities with the villain and somehow manages to defeat him.

With the black ice poison quickly spreading, Seven, unfortunately, finds himself in a spot. It took him a lot of time to adjust to his new reality make friends on Chicken Island. If all those memories fade away, the protagonist faces an uncertain future. Moreover, even though Thirteen defeats Blackbird in an epic battle, it is unclear what Manjusaka and Shimen’s next move is going to be. The upcoming season is likely to address these two questions, and the fans will hope that Seven somehow manages to save himself from the worst consequences of black ice poison and embark on his hilarious misadventures all over again.

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