Scott Yancey Net Worth

How much is Scott Yancey worth? $20 Million

How did Scott Yancey earn his money and wealth?

Scott Yancey is born on July 9 in 1969. He is a TV personality, author, businessman, and a real estate investor. He is best remembered for his role on the television series, Flipping Vegas and for publishing the books on real estate. Scott started his career in business at very early age and soon became one of the top most real estate investors in the world. Yancey started his career in real estate investment at the age of just 14, when he received a cover settlement of $40,000, which he used to buy a home loan as an investment with a 14% rate of interest.

While in college, Yancey was employed to be a runner by a Real Estate Attorney and investor, Walter J. Plumb III, Yancey continued to work with Walter J. Plumb III supporting in multiple real estate transactions such as the buying the complex apartments. Now working individually, Yancey began growing department stores of retail in Las Vegas, Utah, and Provo. After he decided to sell his all departmental stores, Yancey returned back to Las Vegas in 1994. In 2008, Yancey discovered the Goliath Company in Las Vegas, a real estate investment firm. Goliath Company emphases on investment properties, finding the big lands to sell to the private companies; which they have managed to do for a few thousand land lots.

In 2010, Yancey along with Lovable Scoundrels Productions produced the television series Flipping Vegas. Series was premiered on June 18, 2011. Yancey not only featured in the show but was also the executive producer of the show. The show finished its fifth and final season in 2014. Yancey also opened the Yancey events in order to give and teach others how to invest in real estate. Using the fame and stardom from the Flipping Vegas, Yancey along with his knowledge of real estate and business conducts educational seminars on how to properly invest in real estate.

Besides educating people about investing in real estate, Yancey has also written 2 books, Go Time (2012) and Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits (2015). Go Time is all about people who inspired and taught Yancey about real estate whereas, in his book Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits, he gives advice to unsuccessful investors on how to become successful by investing in real estate.

Yancey donated his home to the wounded veteran in one of the episodes of Flipping Vegas. Yancey married his Flipping Vegas co-star, Amie, in 2000

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