Preview: SEAL Team S03 E14

‘SEAL Team’ has been consistently providing viewers with high-octane military action drama. The show returned for a third season with all guns blazing and presented an electric two-episode special last week. Despite the fact that almost every episode involves high-stakes conflict for the characters, the show has done a surprisingly good job at maintaining its appeal.

The CBS show cashes in on the popularity of action stories to present a compelling, character-driven drama. It follows members of an elite team of Navy SEALs who undertake some of the most difficult missions in tough terrains all over the world for protecting American national security. This requires them to be ready to spring into the field at all times and that takes a toll on their personal lives.

SEAL Team Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The fourteenth episode of the third season of ‘SEAL Team’ is scheduled to premiere on March 11, 2020 at 9/8c on CBS. It is titled ‘Objects in Mirror’ and returns one week after the thirteenth episode of ‘SEAL Team’ was aired.  The show follows a weekly format with each new episode slated to be premiered every Wednesday.

Where to Watch SEAL Team Season 3 Episode 14 Online?

You can watch the fourteenth episode of the third season of ‘SEAL Team’ by tuning into CBS on the above-mentioned time slot. Other than that, you can also catch the episode live on CBS’ official website or mobile app, with a valid cable provider’s login.

Moreover, the episode can also be streamed live if you have a subscription for Direct TV or Fubo TV. Other than, specific episodes can also be bought on Amazon Prime. 

SEAL Team Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

The thirteenth episode of ‘SEAL Team’ carries the story of the twelfth episode forward by depicting the team’s attempt at figuring out who was responsible for the failure and might face an end to their career. The team members recall the Venezuelan mission turn-by-turn, slowly uncovering what actually happened.

Ray remembers how he had chucked a grenade to get saved from a machine gun-wielding man. However, the grenade had caused an explosion of the entire room. Clay recalls seeing a man with a suicide vest around this time.

Sonny and Lisa try to get some clarity, but Ray walks in on their conversation demanding to know what had happened. He calls another team meeting. Sonny admits to not actually seeing a man with a suicide vest. Furthermore, he recalls seeing barrels of fuel.

Ray tells the team that he would resign if the actual events do not get clarified. Jason rallies the team to figure out what actually happened. Then, the team finds out that a bomb had been thrown from outside using video footage. It turns out that Vic Lopez was the one that threw the bomb and decided to not tell anyone about it. Then, Ray rips Vic’s badge off.

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