Secret Lives Of The Super Rich Season Season 8: Premiere Date and Cast

‘Secret Lives of The Super Rich’ is a reality documentary series that first premiered on September 25, 2013, on CNBC. The show features, like the title suggests, extremely rich people and provides an insight into their extremely rich lives.

Do not make a mistake, we are not just talking about their posh homes, we are talking about their ‘gold-plated’ mansions. We are not just implying that they have many cars, we are saying they even have race tracks. There might be a room as big as an entire studio apartment, with the only difference, that the room is actually just a single closet. We can keep going on, but we believe you get the picture.

Let’s admit it, we might never get an inside look at these super-rich people’s lives in general. That is why, ‘Secret Lives of The Super Rich’ helps us witness something extraordinary in our otherwise ordinary lives.

Over seven seasons, we have witnessed the excesses in the lives of the super-rich, and fans are left wondering if we will get to witness such vulgar displays of wealth in Season 8 as well. We are here to delve into that right after we share a look at the show’s details.

Secret Lives of The Super Rich Cast: Who’s in it?

Robert Frank is the host of the show. Robert is an award-winning journalist, wealth reporter at CNBC, and the author of the bestselling novel, ‘Richistan’. Robert presents the show in a very individualistic style. His experience is reflected in the episodes when instead of getting dazzled or overexcited about the richness (like us and most of the young vloggers), he presents the profile of the subject in a subtle and informative way, with a hint of an appreciative smile at all times.

Apart from Robert, the show also features Aaron Kirman. Aaron is one of the highest producing real estate agents in California. He has also represented stars like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom and different royalties of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar in real estate transactions.

Secret Lives of The Rich Plot: What is it about?

The season starts with the host giving us a tour of the largest home in America and a $150,000,000 worth mansion. Also, we get a look at the underground condo that is built to survive even an apocalypse (because you can never be too careful).

The following episode features Colin Cowie, a celebrity party planner, who is racing to complete a grand wedding of a mega-rich groom and his bride, who is associated with Playboy. In one of the episodes, the audience is given a tour of an extravagant mansion, painted with 18k gold. Also, ever wondered how these filthy rich people shop? The episode tells us that in great detail.

In the following seasons, the viewers get a look at real dinosaur bones – not the Jurassic Park ones, the historical real ones! We also witness a single room worth $2.5 million, a gigantic ship that carries multiple yachts, a home built just for cars, a $2.6 million watch, a facial worth $100,000, a smart house at Silicon Valley, the most expensive abode in Malibu, a Texas-sized ranch, and much more.

One of the episodes also features Rihanna’s Los Angeles mansion and billionaire Lynn Tilton’s abode. The show does not just feature expensive stuff, but also filthy rich people and their expensive hobbies like procuring a rare whiskey worth $65,000 and spending $120,000 to climb up Mount Everest.

Secret Lives of The Super Rich Season 8 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Secret Lives of The Super Rich’ Season 7 premiered on March 7, 2018, on CNBC. The season was spread across 10 episodes and the last episode released on July 12, 2019. The show is extremely extravagant and gives a feel of a world that is beyond extraordinary. The extreme richness displayed in the show is fancier than our imaginations and fantasies.

If you are someone who likes to humor your own whims and enjoy a grand lifestyle, the show is just the right choice for you. Though, on the other hand, if you are someone who feels overwhelmed with anything ‘extra’, we suggest you take the show on a very light-hearted note and watch it just for the sake of enjoying it casually.

While there has been no announcement about the release of the new season yet, we believe that ‘Secret Lives of The Super Rich’ Season 8 might release sometime in April 2020.

Secret Lives of The Super Rich Trailer:

The trailer for Season 8 is not out yet but, you can catch the clipping from one of the previous episodes below, to get an idea of the show.

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