Will There be a Secret State Season 2?

Directed by Ed Fraiman, ‘Secret State’ is a complex political thriller that explores how large corporations, banks, and military-industrial complex control a democratically elected government. The show has been inspired by ‘A Very British Coup’, a 1982 novel by Chris Mullin and is set in modern times. Since its original release on Channel 4, the series has gained a large international audience. Equipped with engaging characters and a gripping and suspenseful plot, ‘Secret State’ keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout its entire run. With it recently becoming available on Ovation, there is already a considerable chatter on social media about a possible season 2. Here is what we have been able to find out about it.

Secret State Season 2 Release Date

‘Secret State’ season 1 originally premiered on November 7, 2012, on Channel 4, and aired four episodes before coming to an end on November 28, 2012. It was released on Ovation on September 12, 2020. Initially, Fraiman and executive producer Jason Newmark wanted to make a feature film but later decided to do a series instead, as they felt that they can comfortably tell the story they want to tell in that format.

As for season 2, that is all we know about it. ‘Secret State’ was created as a miniseries, with no plans whatsoever for a second season. But, as we have seen in recent times with shows like ‘Borgen’, if there is enough public interest, the network will probably greenlight the series for another season, no matter how long it has been off the air. If that happens, ‘Secret State’ season 2 will likely premiere in 2021 or later.

Secret State season 2 Cast: Who can be in It?

Gabriel Byrne portrays Tom Dawkins MP, the Deputy Prime Minister, who later becomes the PM. Charles Dance plays Chief Whip, John Hodder. Stephen Dillane is cast as PetroFex CEO Paul Jacob Clark. Rupert Graves portrays Dawkins’ home secretary and eventual Chancellor of the Exchequer Felix Durrell. Ralph Ineson essays the role of Sergeant Wrigglesworth, Dawkins’ bodyguard. The cast also includes Sylvestra Le Touzel as foreign secretary Ros Yelland, Gina McKee as accomplished journalist Ellis Kane, Ruth Negga as GCHQ analyst Agnes Evans, Anton Lesser as the Royal Caledonian Bank chief Sir Michael Rix. Douglas Hodge portrays investigative reporter and former MI6 operative Anthony Fossett. Tobias Menzies appears as Prime Minister Charles Flyte, who gets killed in the pilot episode. Additionally, Chris Mullin makes a cameo appearance in the series as a vicar officiating the memorial service for the deceased PM.

If there is ‘Secret State’ season 2, most of these actors will likely return, except for Menzies and Hodge. The latter’s character is killed in the closing moments of episode 3.

Secret State Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

‘Secret State’ has multiple layers of conspiracy, the most significant of them being the entire military-industrial complex and Dawkins’ own administration want him to go to war against Iran. Their reason that there was an Iranian national onboard the PM’s flight that crashed. It later turns out that they want the war because they know that it will be profitable for them. The former PM’s plane crash is described as an accident, as there was a container of Petrofex’s newly-developed drone fuel was onboard the flight, and it caught fire during an electrical storm. At the Parliament, Dawkins calls for a vote of no-confidence on his own government, surprising supporters and detractors alike. Elsewhere, Clark is removed from the Petrofex’s board.

If ‘Secret State’ season 2 is ever made, it might show that Dawkins’ decisions to willingly step down and letting the opposition come to power have a drastic fallout. It might also show that his efforts to prevent a war with Iran has been only temporarily successful. With the war hawks back in the office, it’s only a matter of time before they again start demanding for a war with the Western Asian country. The series might finally focus on a romantic relationship between Dawkins and Kane in season 2.

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