Self-Made Mansions Season 1: Everything We Know

‘Self-Made Mansions’ is a reality TV show portraying newly established entrepreneurs who are invested in finding new houses to move into. Replete with riches, they embark upon a quest to settle for homes that tailor their needs and satisfy their demands. The show’s host takes them on a journey where they’re given numerous options to choose from. The entrepreneurs are often creative and very articulate about their needs, which provides an interesting angle to the show. With the first season just around the corner, the show is already gaining a lot of hype. Here’s what we know about ‘Self-Made Mansions’ season 1.

Self-Made Mansions Season 1 Release Date

’Self-Made Mansions’ Season 1 releases on Friday, January 8, 2021, at 8 pm ET on HGTV. It consists of 6 episodes with a runtime of around 45 minutes each.

Who is the Host of Self-Made Mansions?

Clinton Kelly is the host of ‘Self-Made Mansions.’ The Emmy-award winning host is known for his appearance as a co-host in ‘The Chew’ and ‘What Not to Wear’. Also an author and lifestyle consultant, Clinton expressed his passion for real estate and his insights on designs that he gleefully passes on to the millionaires featuring on the show.

What is Self-Made Mansions About?

‘Self-Made Mansions’ follows successful entrepreneurs behind popular establishments like The Cut Buddy, Kwik Hang, and Sweetroots Hair Bar. Clinton, along with a realtor, takes them on house property tours. The real estate locations range from coastal California to Massachusetts. Clinton considers it a privilege to engage with these clients who are looking for new homes to start a brand new phase of their lives. He shares his advice and perspective on the featured houses to the earnestly devoted families who already have their heads buzzing with ideas about how they want their new home to look.

An assortment of inventively glamorous pool areas, majestic kitchen space, and spa-like bathrooms is sure to enthrall viewers. The host also faces challenges at times because of the demanding nature of the clients. For instance, a couple inspecting the kitchen of a display property begin expressing their dissent over the wallpaper’s design. Clinton is then responsible for reassuring the clients that it would barely take a few hours to tear that down. Even so, the potential homeowners show reluctance and resort to renovating the entire setting. The standard is really high.

The show presents million-dollar houses common in the real estate market in the US, but their range differs over different demographic influences. That is another challenge met by the host. Some houses are also unreasonably expensive in terms of the area of the property. In contrast, there are also some houses within the same price range that include around seven rooms with an entirely furnished setting. The host advises people to move into such places as they could live large and move out whenever they please, but the clients have minds of their own.

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