When Will Sell It Like Serhant Season 2 Premiere On Bravo?

Sell It Like Serhant is an American reality show, that airs on Bravo TV. The show is a spin-off of Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ and first premiered on April 11, 2018.

Ryan Serhant, the host of the show, helps real-life salespeople and employees from multiple industries to save and boost their careers by teaching them the art of sales. He uses all tricks and methods in his book, from being a mentor to being a customer, to figure out the root cause of their problems and find every possible solution for them. Ryan Serhant’s talent to understand people, the ability to spot their weakness and strength and ways to charm people go really well with the viewers.

With shows like ‘Shark Tank’, ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Runway Projects’ with similar concepts already on air, Sell It Like Serhant is not something unique, but definitely a combination of their formulas to engage the audience and help them understand the need of excellent sales & marketing strategies.

Though, unlike the above-mentioned shows, Sell It like Serhant does not focus on the products. From selling services in a waxing salon to selling hot tubs, Ryan Serhant, a real estate broker of one of the leading real estate companies in the USA, proves that it does not matter ‘what you are selling’, as long as you know ‘how to sell’.

It is often said that no matter what we do, we all have to sell something at least once in our lives. Whether we sell a product, an idea, or our thoughts, it doesn’t matter. Hence, to assume that the show is only meant for the audience trying to save their jobs or business is totally incorrect.

Who’s the Host of Sell It Like Serhant?

As obvious from the name itself, the show stars Ryan Serhant as the main lead. He is better known for his two-time Emmy nominated reality show ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’, another famous show of Bravo TV. He is also the lead member of The Serhant Team, the No.1 real estate group in New York and one of the top 5 groups nationwide.

Apart from him, the cast includes also Joe Laresca as his co-host. If and when Sell It Like Serhant season 2 is renewed, we are sure to see these faces back on the screen.

Sell It Like Serhant Plot: What is it about?

In Sell It Like Serhant season 1, Ryan helps struggling employees solve their problems and save their jobs. In the first episode, Tim, a veteran army man working in a winery, is facing issues in his jobs. His guarded manners refrain him from building a connection with his customers and sell wines while his co-worker Scott seems to be excelling at his work. If not done something, poor Tim would be out of a job soon.

The second episode brings Serhant at a waxing salon where young Mariel is struggling to communicate to her customers without getting all flustered. The following episodes take the host on diverse projects like selling hot tubs, kitchen cabinets, dresses, and even real estate.

From hard love to love-filled motivations, Ryan Serhant seems to be doing all to help the employees uplift their confidence and keep their jobs, even if it means becoming their customers and experiencing some hot wax!

The mantra of the show and Serhant is revealed during the opening credits, where we hear “Make a connection… Be confident… Remember, smile” in his own voice. He not only helps people to enhance their competitive spirit but also to regain their confidence by the means of their appearance or by resolving their personal issues.

Sell It Like Serhant Season 2 Release Date: When will it be premiered?

Sell It Like Serhant season 1 premiered on April 11, 2018 on Bravo TV.

The show was a hit among the audience and people loved Ryan’s wisdom, charm, and hilarious ways. It was also liked as the tricks and ideas given by the host were handy and helpful to many. The reality show actually saved the jobs of all those 8 employees cast on the show over the 8 episodes. At the same time gave the viewers an idea of the tough world that we live in. With the possibility of recession and neck to neck competition, a person really needs to be best at what they do.

Any official news on the renewal of Sell It Like Serhant Season 2 is yet to be confirmed. Though looking at its popularity and the fact that shows with the similar concept-lines generally have multiple seasons, the audience will not be wrong to expect a second season very soon.

If and when Sell It Like Serhant season 2 is renewed, it will most probably premiere sometime in late 2020.

Sell It Like Serhant Trailer

Catch the trailer of Sell It Like Serhant season 1 below

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