Preview: The Seven Deadly Sins S04 E18

The combats of season 4 might be very weak compared to all of its previous seasons, but one cannot deny that Studio Deen has been doing a good job staying loyal to its source. Moreover, even the depth of the characters in season 4 is quite commendable. So if you’re still one of those few Seven Deadly Sins fans who are still sticking around watching this anime, read on ahead to know all about its 18th episode.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 18 Release Date

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 18 will release on February 12, 2019. You can stream the dubbed version of the anime on Funimation. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 17 Spoilers: What to Expect?

Meliodas makes his way to Zeldris’ mansion with Elizabeth and more than ever, he now seems to be determined to remove the curse that keeps killing her. Meanwhile, the Sins frantically worry about Meliodas losing all of his emotions. They try to figure out a way to do that and realize that one of them will have to go to the Purgatory to make sure that Meliodas gets his emotions back. Although he does have a lot to lose Ban instantly volunteers. At first, the other Sins protest and ask him to stay, but he still decides to go as one of them really has to do this.

Meliodas finally reaches Zeldris’ mansion and somewhere around the same time, even Estrossa dreams of Elizabeth and wakes up from his comatose. Since he is Meliodas’ demon brother, he tries to make a deal with him. He tells him that he’ll let him be the demon king without a fight if he gives Elizabeth to him. Meliodas responds to this by saying that he’ll only sit on the throne if Elizabeth is by side. When both Zeldris and Estrossa try to attack him, he shows them the true power of the demon king and slams them down to the ground. He then decides to make a deal with them. He tells them that he’s willing to sacrifice himself if that’s what it takes to lift the curse on Elizabeth.

Later Elizabeth confronts him asks him to save his own life. She reminds him that lifting the curse would mean nothing if he ends up dying after that. Meliodas tells her that after becoming a demon king, he has lost all of his emotions and he feels nothing for her anymore. The only reason why he’s doing this is that he very well remembers the promise he had made. Elizabeth attacks him and gets out of there. She tells herself that she won’t let him die so easily and will do everything she can to save him. In the meantime, Merlin uses one of her spells to open a portal to the Underworld and sends Ban there.

The next episode will revolve around Ban’s adventures in the Purgatory and at the same time, Elizabeth will also try to find a way to save Meliodas from the gruesome fate that awaits them.