Sex/Life Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Netflix’s romantic dramaSex/Life’ revolves around Billie, a married woman who risks her stable family life in order to pursue her deepest sexual desires. Caught between her reliable husband, Cooper, and seductive ex-boyfriend, Brad, Billie has to decide whether she wishes to fulfill her duties as a mature wife and mother or embrace the wild and carefree side of her youth. Created by Stacy Rukeyser, ‘Sex/Life’ is loosely based on B.B. Easton’s novel ‘44 Chapters About 4 Men.’

The series has become massively popular due to its steamy romantic premise and unabashed exploration of female sexual fantasies. Although the show didn’t attract great reviews, it did reel in a large and excited audience. Needless to say, fans are quite enthused to see the fates of Billie and her men, especially considering the nerve-wracking climax of season 1. So, what’s up with season 2? Is it coming? Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Sex/Life’ season 2.

Sex/Life Season 2 Release Date

‘Sex/Life’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on June 25, 2021, on Netflix. The season comprises 8 episodes with a runtime of 43-52 minutes each.

What about season 2 of the show? Rejoice, for there’s good news! Netflix announced on September 27, 2021 that ‘Sex/Life’ had been renewed for a second season. However, no official release date has been provided as of now. Considering that season 1 took around five months for filming and another six months for postproduction — admittedly, due to several pandemic-related delays — it seems that we will have to wait a while before reentering Billie’s crisis-and-coitus filled world.

Season 2 is expected to stick to the eight-episode count that the first season follows. Considering all the above-mentioned information, it seems that fans can expect ‘Sex/Life’ season 2 to premiere sometime in Q2 or Q3 2022. It seems reasonable to assume that, like most Netflix shows, ‘Sex/Life’ will have a year-long gap between its two seasons. And now we wait for the official release date!

Sex/Life Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The main cast is likely to reprise their roles in season 2 because the story cannot progress without them! This includes Sarah Shahi (Billie Connelly), Mike Vogel (Cooper Connelly), Adam Demos (Brad Simon), and Margaret Odette (Sasha Snow).

Phoenix Reich (Hudson Connelly), Jonathan Sadowski (Devon), Amber Goldfarb (Trina), Li Jun Li (Francesca), and Meghan Heffern (Caroline) are also expected to reprise their supporting roles. Fresh faces may be added to the original cast, because who knows who else will show up from a major character’s past?

Sex/Life Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 sees Billie realizing her dissatisfaction with her steady family life and lack of sexual adventures with her husband Cooper. Her world erupts into chaos when Brad, her bad-boy ex-lover, shows up. Billie combats the highs and lows of marriage and motherhood whilst dealing with Brad’s romantic advances. The season finale sees Billie choosing to stay with Cooper but also starting a clandestine sexual relationship with Brad. Cooper is aware that Billie is being dishonest.

Season 2 will undoubtedly explore the love triangle Billie is maintaining by staying married to Cooper whilst having an affair with Brad. It is also expected to focus on Cooper’s reaction to Billie’s infidelity. Cooper’s boss Francesca, who is attracted to him, might play a major role here.

Sasha’s love life and future plans may be explored, as well as Billie’s return to academia. Will Billie’s family life turn on its head due to her desire to be sexually free? Will Billie again have to choose between a rock and a hard place? Will her children be exposed to her unconventional romantic life? There’s also the possibility of Billie moving past her need for men, beginning a journey of self-discovery and self-reliance. We’ll have to wait for ‘Sex/Life’ season 2 to find out!

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