10 Sex Scenes That Famous Actors Regret Doing

Doing a sex scene for a film isn’t as pleasing and enjoyable as you think it is. In fact, it can be a really uncomfortable experience especially when the filmmaker tries to be exploitative or when the actors don’t get along well. There are many sex scenes that famous actors regret doing. The reasons are varied and interesting. Sometimes the scene feels terribly out-of-place and just doesn’t go well with the overall tone of the film. Sometimes it’s the actors who don’t really get along well or lack a certain chemistry that makes for a very uncomfortable experience. So without delving further into it, let’s take a look at the list of sex scenes that famous actors regret doing.

 10. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – Gigli (2003)

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck haven’t openly admitted their regrets for having done this scene but it’s certainly not something they’d be very proud of. ‘Gigli’ is widely considered to be one of the worst movies of all time and one of the biggest box office flops in Hollywood history. The film generated massive hype since Lopez and Affleck were dating at the time but it only made things worse for the film. The sex scene in particular was laughable and illogical. Lopez’ character is a lesbian but she gets turned on by Affleck and has sex with him. It is simply one of the most cringeworthy sex scenes ever filmed in cinema history.

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 9. Natalie Portman – Hotel Chevalier (2007)

This Wes Anderson short film starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman in the lead roles featured a sex scene for which Portman went completely naked. The scene wasn’t particularly explicit in nature but for some reason Portman regretted about having done the scene and was pissed off at some of the reviews which majorly focused on that particular scene and the kind of attention it drew. She also insisted that she’d never strip off completely for any role.

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 8. Roger Moore – A View to Kill (1985)

This highly embarrassing piece featuring Roger Moore and Grace Jones is possibly one of the worst sex scenes ever filmed. Roger Moore was clearly not fit for the part and has expressed regrets about having been part of the movie since he was 57 at the time and lacked the flair and charisma to be a James Bond. The sex between him and Grace Jones is easily the worst part of the film. Moore looked terribly out of place and was no match for the much younger Grace Jones. It’s just awfully filmed and lacked any kind of passion and intensity from the actors.

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7. Kate Winslet – Titanic (1997)

Kate Winslet’s iconic drawing scene in ‘Titanic’ is simply one of the most beautiful scenes ever filmed. The scene is rightly in place and well in tone with a layer of sexual tension simmering underneath. But Winslet has revealed that she somewhat regrets doing the scene. Ever since the film’s release, fans had been coming up to her with her nude image from the film, requesting an autograph. Now that’s completely understandable. I mean who would want to look at their 20 year old nude pic everyday and sign on it?

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6. Jennifer Lawrence – Passengers (2016)

There’s an intensely intimate sex scene in ‘Passengers’ between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence well remembered for its passion and energy. However, Lawrence has admitted that she doesn’t remember much of the scene as she was drunk while filming it. She has gone on to state that it was her first time kissing a married man on screen and was deeply concerned about the scene. Knowing that Lawrence was out of her senses makes the scene a lot look more interesting and funnier but she does manage to bring a sense of wild energy on to the screen.

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5. Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is possibly one of the worst films of the decade. It’s not just bad but also incredibly cringe-worthy. The writing and acting are laughably bad and while it looks pretty stylish, the narrative is poorly structured and doesn’t remotely come close to engaging you. The film also features numerous cringeworthy sex scenes. The BDSM scenes in particular were awful and Dakota Johnson has admitted that she felt uncomfortable during those scenes. Actor Jamie Dornan stated that he tried his best to keep the atmosphere as light and humorous as possible but it certainly wasn’t an experience Johnson would like to relive.

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4. Elizabeth Berkley – Showgirls (1995)

Everything about ‘Showgirls’ was downright awful. Elizabeth Berkley completely gave herself on to the role but there’s not much you can do with such a terrible script at hand. The famous pool scene where Berkley has sex with Kyle MacLachlan is something she surely would have regretted right from the time she first saw it. There was no way it was going to look good. The scene is awfully misplaced and lacks any kind of sexual tension which it hugely demanded and add to that some outrageous acting.

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3. Juliette Danielle – The Room (2003)

Well, starring in the worst film ever made is surely something to regret and this is what Juliette Danielle ha to say about the film: “My biggest regrets about The Room? Such a small part of my life will be the highlight of my obituary.” The sex scene in particular is something she’d like to forget. It’s an incredibly hilarious, cringeworthy scene with absolutely no emotion and filmed in the most awful way you could possibly ever imagine. The scene was almost a repeat of the earlier sex scene because Danielle wasn’t ready for another embarrassing session.

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2. Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct (1992)

Sharon Stone’s famous interrogation scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ is now widely regarded as one of the most erotic movie moments of all time. However, Stone was infuriated when she first saw the scene in theaters as she was never really told of the level of exposure. Paul Verhoeven, the director of the film, asked her to remove her underwear since it was distracting the shot and confirmed that the scene wasn’t explicit in nature. Verhoeven took advantage of the scene and focused more closely on her private parts as she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, manipulating the cops. However, Stone has stated that she would have kept the scene too if she was the director but that unlike Verhoeven she would have had the courtesy to show it to her before releasing it on the big screen.

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1. Maria Schneider – Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Maria Schneider was allegedly violated by both Bernardo Bertolucci and Marlon Brando. The infamous apartment sex scene where Brando forces himself on Schneider was not part of the script and Schneider wasn’t informed about the scene prior to shooting it. The scene generated immense controversy with some even accusing Brando of rape. However, Bertolucci has expressed his guilt over the incident although he claimed that it helped bring a more realistic touch to the scene. Schneider’s career was destroyed ever since the film and she has gone on record stating that she regretted making the film and felt terribly violated by both Brando and Bertolucci.

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