13 Sexiest Shows on HBO Max Right Now

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As a network, HBO has always been known for producing risqué and provocative content. It has always been at the forefront of all the cultural changes in Hollywood, often building the path itself so others might follow. There was a time when most other networks didn’t dare to air anything that was remotely sexual, fearing the backlash from the audience. This has never been the case with HBO, which has platformed some of the most controversial shows in the last few decades.

The advent of streaming services and the freedom they provided the creators ended HBO’s near monopoly on risqué content. However, HBO and HBO Max are still the leaders in platforming “quality” risqué content. Since its launch in May 2020, HBO Max has become a prominent streaming service in the US and beyond, with one of the most impressive libraries of films and TV shows. If you are looking for the sexiest adult TV series, here are some of the best ones you can find on HBO Max.

13. Generation (2021)

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Generation’ or ‘Genera+ion’ is a short-lived series that squandered its promising start by being a bit too sanctimonious. The story revolves around a group of high schoolers in Orange County, California, each with their individual aspiration and hope. The show explores their sexual curiosity, social beliefs, and the desire to leave a mark on the world at large. Sex and intimacy are prominent aspects of storytelling in ‘Generation.’ The series creators Zelda Barnz and Daniel Barnz approach the issues of Gen-Z high school students with considerable earnestness, but their intent is lost due to the poor execution.

12. Gossip Girl (2021-)

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HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl’ expands the universe of ‘Gossip Girl’ and serves as a standalone sequel to the original series. The newer show is set about a decade after where the original show concluded. Like the older show, the plot in the new one also revolves around a group of Manhattan-based private school students. One key difference between the two shows is the identity of the titular Gossip Girl. In the original series, the mystery around Gossip Girl’s identity serves as one of the main drivers of the plot. However, here, it is revealed pretty early that a group of teachers has decided to write the Gossip Girl column to keep their students in check.

11. Rome (2005–2007)

Before ‘Game of Thrones,’ there was ‘Rome.’ Set against the backdrop of the eponymous republic’s transformation into an empire, ‘Rome’ predominantly focuses on two soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who find themselves at the center stage of some of the most important moments in Roman history. ‘Rome’ also portrays the contemporary culture in minute detail. Although it’s not entirely accurate and much creative liberty has been taken during its creation, the series still manages to win its audience over through its depiction of Roman society, culture, and politics.

10. Hung (2009–2011)

‘Hung’ is a comedy-drama series that revolves around Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), a former athlete who has become a high-school coach. In the last few years, life hasn’t been good for Ray. His job pays him very little, and he can’t lead a decent life with that. He is a single father to twin teenagers. After his house is significantly damaged due to a fire, the twins go live with their mother, who has since remarried. After exhausting all other possible alternatives, Ray decides to use his larger-than-average penis for commercial purposes. With the help of a friend named Tanya, Ray sets up an escort service, Happiness Consultants.

9. The Sex Lives of College Girls (2021-)

Mindy Kaling is inarguably one of the most exciting creators in Hollywood today. ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ is witty, sexy, and packs a surprisingly layered narrative. The story revolves around four first-year students attending the fictional Essex College in Vermont. Among them, Kimberly hails from Gilbert, Arizona, a town where most people are white. Studying at Essex ends up giving her a cultural shock. Bela is an Indian-American and aspires to be a comedy writer. Leighton comes from a wealthy family, and she is a closeted lesbian. Whitney, the daughter of a US senator, is a soccer star. She is embroiled in an affair with her coach. ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ is essentially about the lives that these characters lead in college.

8. El Negócio (2013-2018)

‘El Negócio’ is a raunchy Brazilian show that proves once more that proper marketing is the key to success for any business. Realizing that her traditional career isn’t going anywhere, Karin decides to take bold actions. She teams up with two other equally beautiful and ambitious women to set up an escort service. The women employ their knowledge of marketing to expand their business. They form partnerships with bridal stores, distribute leaflets at airports, and provide entertainment at bachelor parties. Soon enough, their company has become the leader in the sector.

7. Adult Material (2020)

A four-part British drama, ‘Adult Material’ tells the story of Hayley Burrows, an actress active in the adult film industry under the name Jolene Dollar. She is also a devoted mother to her three children. At a talk show, Hayley becomes acquainted with MP Stella Maitland. Not long after, a scandal erupts around Stela after it is discovered that she used her work computer to download porn. ‘Adult Material’ offers a candid view of the porn industry through the perspective of a character who has been active as a porn star for years. Real-life adult film professionals Rebecca Moore and Danny D served as consultants on the project.

6. Insecure (2016–2021)

‘Insecure’ explores the black experience through its two protagonists — Issa and Molly. They met when they were both students at Stanford and have been friends since. The narrative shifts between the two of them as the girls deal with their work and pursue love and intimacy. Issa is involved with Lawrence, who she feels has withdrawn from their relationship since his dreams of establishing a start-up didn’t materialize. Meanwhile, Molly is on a meteoric rise in her career as a corporate attorney but thinks that she is a failure when it comes to relationships.

5. True Blood (2008–2014)

Based on ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’ book series by Charlaine Harris, ‘True Blood’ is delightfully sexy and rich in mythology. The story predominantly follows Sookie Stackhouse, a telepath, who gains entry into the world of vampires and meets Bill Compton and Eric Northman, two people who forever change her life. In the world of ‘True Blood,’ vampires have lived in the open since the invention of Tru Blood, a type of synthetic blood that vampires can consume. However, many humans regard vampires with skepticism and fear, which has resulted in the creation of anti-vampiric organizations.

4. Girls (2012–2017)

Series creator and star Lena Dunham heavily draws from her own life while writing the script for ‘Girls,’ one of the most important and hilarious shows of the 2010s. Dunham portrays Hannah Helene Horvath, who gets the shock of her life when her parents declare they will no longer support her financially. Forced to confront her reality so suddenly, Lena finds camaraderie in three other women — Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna.

3. Sex and the City (1998–2004)

A quintessential celebration of life in New York, ‘Sex and the City’’ is the advert for the glitz and glamor of the Big Apple. The story centers around four friends — Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda – as they navigate their personal and professional lives. They fall in love as quickly as they fall out of love. The two things that remain constant in their lives is the friendship among them and the city. The series is the TV adaptation of the newspaper column and the namesake 1996 anthology book by Candace Bushnell.

2. Euphoria (2019–)

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Inspired by the Israeli series of the same name, ‘Euphoria’ follows Rue Bennett (Zendaya), a recovering drug addict who deals with the consequences of her past as she seeks a suitable future in the present. ‘Euphoria’ explores themes such as identity, sexuality, loneliness, drugs, and self-harm. It depicts how Rue, as a child, had to deal with her father’s cancer diagnosis, eventual death, and the psychiatric disorders that stemmed from both. The supporting characters around Rue play equally important roles in the narrative. The show explores their collective desire and what is to be teenagers in the 21st century.

1. Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

Based on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ fantasy book series by George R. R. Martin, ‘Game of Thrones’ changed television forever by simply enunciating what is possible. The story is of epic scale and revolves around several families as they vie for control over the Iron Throne, the royal seat of the Seven Kingdoms. Martin is a pioneer in the world of genre fiction, being one of the progenitors of adult fantasy. His remarkable storytelling translates perfectly to television in the first few seasons of the show. From violence to drama to sex — everything is turned up several notches in ‘Game of Thrones, making it such an engaging piece of entertainment.

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