Shane Dawson Net Worth

How much is Shane Dawson worth? $12 Million

How did Shane Dawson earn his money and wealth?

Shane Dawson is the professional name of Shane Lee Yaw who started out as a YouTuber and is now also a comedian, singer, songwriter, actor and film director. He had a rough childhood in which he was abused by his father and bullied in school for being poor. He was interested in making videos since school days when he and his friends used school projects in a video. As of 2018, Shane Dawson’s net worth is $4 million.

Dawson started his YouTube channel “ShaneDawsonTV” on March 10, 2008. “Hodini’s Street Magic” is one of his earliest videos. He and his mother, brother, and six co-workers were fired from Jenny Craig when the company came across a video where he was pole dancing at his workplace. Since then he has been uploading videos, his original music, parodies on film trailers and music videos and short web films. He started his third YouTube channel “Shane” in 2010 where he has collaborated with other YouTube artists such as Joey Graceffa, TheFineBros, iJustine, Trisha Paytas, Miranda Sings etc. His videos were extremely popular and garnered more than 23 million views.

Dawson was named by Forbes magazine as their 25th most famous web celebrity in 2010. Dawson ventured into music when he released “SUPERLUV!” (2012) on iTunes. He released his next single “The Vacation Song” (2012) along with a music video. He also released “Maybe This Christmas” (2012), “F**K Up” (2013) and collaboration with Liam Horne in “Wanna Make Love To You” (2013).

Dawson started “Shane and friends” (2013), a podcast where he shared about his personal life and interviews he took of celebrities. He was also featured on the live TV program “Attack of the Show” (2009).

Dawson has written two memoirs titled “I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays” (2015) and “It Get Worse: A Collection of Essays” (2016).

What are the most rated TV shows of Shane Dawson?

  1. The Grace Helbig Show (2015) 9.4
  2. My Music: Office Dates (2012) 9.2
  3. The Chair: Outside the Bubble (2014) 8.8
  4. Smosh: Bigfoot is Gay (2009) 8.7
  5. The Station: The Station is Coming (2009) 8.6
  6. YouTubers React to Sharknado (2013) 8.5

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