Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 14: What to Expect?

SHARK TANK - Ò1125Ó Ð An entrepreneur from Surfside, Florida, tries to sweeten up the Sharks with her approach to getting a classic dessert with a healthy twist to children. Two safety-oriented engineers from Littleton, Colorado, take the Sharks for a ride as they share their product designed to boost visibility while navigating the streets. Can an entrepreneur from Los Angeles secure the bag as she works to convince the Sharks that her hands-free gadget is worth investing in? Finally, three entrepreneurs from Miami bring the Sharks into the future with their educational robot on ÒShark Tank,Ó FRIDAY, DEC. 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) MARK CUBAN, BARBARA CORCORAN, KEVIN O'LEARY, LORI GREINER, ROBERT HERJAVEC, KIM MECKWOOD

In the 13th episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12, Sharks Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, and Robert listen to four entrepreneurs’ pitches with creative ideas. The products are Jax Sheets, the Pizza Cupcake, IceBeanie, and Draft Top. We have provided more details about the last episode in the recap section. Let’s now see what the next episode – season 12, episode 14 – has in store for us.

Watch Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 14 Release Date:

‘Shark Tank’ season 12 episode 14 is set to premiere on February 19, 2021, at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT on ABC. New episodes air on the channel every Friday at the same time slot.

Where to Watch Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 14 Online?

If you have a valid cable subscription, you can watch the 14th episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 by simply tuning in to ABC at the time slot mentioned above. You also have the option to watch the episode online, the day after it is aired, on ABC’s official website. Additionally, you can stream the episode online on YouTube TV. Otherwise, you can also use your Hulu account to watch and catch up on the already-released episodes. Also, if you plan on ditching the cable, you should know it is available for streaming on Directv & Fubo TV.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 14 Spoilers

In the 14th episode, Sharks Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, and Daymond will hear out four teams of hopefuls and decide whether or not to invest in their business. The pitches will be from four different start-ups. And here are the details of the products: “Pashion Footwear; sexy and comfortable high heels for women, Souper Cubes; storing food in squares for more effective storage and food eating results, Byoot Company; bathing suit brands for women that look sexy and solve a problem of comfortability, and Sienna Sauce; barbecue sauce that can be used in food recipes.”

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 13 Recap

Jax Sheets are a type of unique bedsheets that help hot sleepers — people who suddenly wake up in the middle of the night after feeling too hot. The breathable sheets are made out of bamboo and are extremely comfortable in comparison to cotton. Even the packaging is soft, curated out of hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial materials. Pizza Cupcake is a special type of gourmet pizza snack, which combines the authenticity of the traditional Italian pizza and the convenient shape and size of a cupcake. The flaky and savory snack is filled with fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes — wrapped up in the soft and light dough.

IceBeanie is a wearable ice pack for your head. It uses a technology called “Compression Cold Therapy,” which eliminates any type of head pain. It is a safe and natural drug-free solution for Migraine Headaches and Post-Concussion symptoms. Finally, Draft Top is the globe’s first patented, American made bar tool that is created to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans.

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