Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 7: Release Date And Streaming Details

In the latest episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 that dropped this week, we saw four creative pitches — a vegan rendition of our favorite grab-and-go snack, masks that take inspiration from the COVID-19 pandemic, a beverage that minimizes stress levels, and a product that makes grilling an eco-friendly process. More on that later. Now, the show is all set to drop its next part. Excited to know what the 7th episode has in store for fans? Well, we have you covered!

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 7 Release Date:

‘Shark Tank’ season 12 episode 7 is slated to release on December 4, 2020, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT on ABC. The episode has been pushed back by a week due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays. Following this short hiatus, new episodes should resume their weekly release schedule of dropping new episodes every Friday evening.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 7 Spoilers

The 7th episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 features a bunch of new, innovative product pitches — “A line of giant, inflatable holiday ornaments; a solution for lingering in the bathroom; a unique way to shred on the slopes; a safety hazard for kids in the winter” — as outlined by ABC.

Where to Watch Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 7 Online?

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch the 7th episode for ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 by tuning in to ABC at the designated time slot. Otherwise, you can catch up on the episode online the day after it is aired on ABC’s official website. The third option is to watch the episode online on YouTube TV. Otherwise, you can log in to your Hulu account and catch up on the already-released episodes. Also, if want to ditch cable, you should know it is available for streaming on Directv & Fubo TV.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 kicks off by introducing MOMENT MEDITATION, an all-natural botanical beverage, specially designed for the mind to increase focus levels and reduce stress. Designed by Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee, the duo asks for a deal of $200,000 for 10%. However, none of the Sharks are impressed by the idea and they go home empty-handed. Next up is PRIME 6 GRILLING CHARCOAL — eco-friendly, reusable, sawdust briquettes. The product is developed by Riki Franco and Oren Franco and they enter the tank, seeking a deal of $200,000 for 10%. Kevin O’Leary takes the deal for $200,000 for 25%.

PAN’S MUSHROOM JERKY is a vegetarian, gluten-free, Shiitake mushroom jerky. Developed by Michael Pan, he asks for a deal of $300,000 for 10%. The deal is finally sealed by Mark Cuban at $300,000 for 18%. K9 DOG MASKS are a type of K9 air filter masks for dogs, which can also be replaced. The idea takes inspiration from the human masks created during the COVID-19 pandemic. The entrepreneurs behind the fantastic product are Kerby Holmes and Evan Daugherty who ask for a deal of $200,000 for 20%. However, they settle for a final deal of $200,000 for 40% from Shark Daymond John.

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