Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 9: Release Date And Streaming Details

In the eighth episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12, Sharks Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, and Robert listen to pitches from four entrepreneurs with creative ideas – a dessert with a sneakily healthy twist that children will find delicious; a product designed to assist with visibility while navigating busy streets; a hands-free gadget; and a new-age educational robot. We have provided more details about the last episode in the recap section. Let’s see what the next episode – season 12 episode 9 – has in store for us.

Watch Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 9 Release Date:

‘Shark Tank’ season 12 episode 9 is set to premiere on January 08, 2021, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT on ABC. This episode will be the series returning post-hiatus after its winter finale.

Where to Watch Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 9 Online?

If you have a valid cable subscription, you can watch the 9th episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 by simply tuning in to ABC at the time slot mentioned above. You also have the option to watch the episode online, the day after it is aired, on ABC’s official website. Additonally, you can stream the episode online on YouTube TV. Otherwise, you can also use your Hulu account to watch and catch up on the already-released episodes. Also, if you plan on ditching the cable, you should know it is available for streaming on Directv & Fubo TV.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 9 Spoilers

In the winter premiere episode, Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, and Daymond will hear out four teams of hopefuls and decide whether or not to invest in their business. The pitches will be from the following start-ups – Trophy Smack, a company that sells customizable fantasy trophies; ALL33, a revolutionary chair designed specifically to fix back posture and avoid back pain; Electra, a healthy sports drink that comes in fruity flavors and is completely devoid of the processed additives that are normally added to typical sports drinks; His and Her, an aphrodisiac snack bar.

Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 8 Recap

The sharks hear four innovative pitches in the eighth episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 12. Peekaboo, a delicious but healthy ice cream with vegetables that cannot be seen or tasted (kids will never know they’re being fed veggies!), gets no takers. Brake Free, an ultra-bright and smart LED brake light to put on the back of motorcycle helmets to boost visibility while riding at night, impresses Robert and Mark enough to get offers from both. Robert and Mark go for a joint offer of a $200,000 investment deal for a 20% stake. Click & Carry, a convenient, hands-free solution for carrying bags (of up to 80 pounds) without any worry about weight, gets a yes from Mark and Barbara (a combined investment of $225,000 for 40% stake). Codi by Pillar Learning, an educational, interactive, storytelling robot bags an offer from Robert Herjavec ($500,000 investment for a 25% stake).

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