Where Are Shele Danishefsky and Rod Covlin’s Kids Now?

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Shele Danishefsky and Rod Covlin’s children, Anna and Myles Covlin, have not had an easy life since the passing of their mother. As years passed, these children would be involved in the case in a way nobody saw coming. ’20/20 New Year’s Evil’ presents the murder case of Shele Danishefsky and highlights how it drastically affected her family and friends. Now, if you wish to know how Myles and Anna are doing presently, we have you covered.

Who Are Shele Danishefsky and Rod Covlin’s Children?

9-year-old Anna Covlin and 3-year-old Myles Colvin faced the worst nightmare of their lives when the latter discovered her mom, Shele Danishefsky, dead in her bathtub on New Year’s Eve, 2019. She immediately alerted her father, but he could not save his wife. Initially treated as an accidental death, the case soon took a shocking turn six months later when an autopsy revealed that Shele had been strangled to death. Moreover, Rod ended up being the primary suspect in the complicated investigation. During the trial, it was alleged that Rod Covlin tried to frame his daughter for the death of his wife.

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As per reports, Rod tried to do this by writing a note on the laptop pretending to be Anna, which read, “ All of these years, I have been so incredibly afraid and guilty about the night my mom died. I lied. She didn’t just slip. That day we got into a fight about her dating…I got mad, so I pushed her, but it couldn’t have been that hard! I didn’t mean to hurt her! I swear! But she fell, and I (sic) heard a terrible noise, and the water started turning red, and I tried to pull her head up, but she remained still….” This would only be the first of many times Anna’s name would be involved in the case. 

According to Rod’s girlfriend Debra Oles’ testimony, he wanted to coach Anna into poisoning his parents David and Carol Covlin, who had taken custody of both the children and filed a restraining order against him. The prosecution also alleged that he had coached his 3-year-old son, Myles, to say that his mother had molested him when she filed for divorce. Debra further claimed that Rod wanted to marry off Anna at 14 to some man in Mexico to control the assets in her name.

Needless to say, the court trial was painful for all who witnessed it due to claims made about what Rod allegedly did and wanted to do with his children. Another allegation presented by the prosecution was that he had asked Anna to say that her grandfather had raped her. Though Rod’sdefending attorney refuted all these accusations, many of these statements played a big part in his conviction in 2019. 

Where Are Shele Danishefsky and Rod Covlin’s Children Today?

Despite all the allegations against Rod, his children wanted a lesser and kinder sentence for their father. His mother, Carol, read a letter that was written by Anna, which read, “ My mom slipped, hit her head, fell unconscious and drowned, just like the Medical Examiner said when he found her.” Furthermore, 12-year-old Myles said, “Please give him a light sentence, so I have him back in my life. I love him so much.” 

Since Carol and David had been granted custody of Anna and Myles, the siblings went to live with them in Scarsdale, New York, after their father’s incarceration. Though the kids mostly led private lives and seldom publicly spoke about their mother’s death, adult Anna supported her father when his legal team challenged his conviction. In 2022, she wrote a letter to the District Attorney’s office, stating, “My mother’s death was a tragic accident…I think about it every day, and it will forever weigh on my heart, but there’s nothing that can be done – she’s gone, and I have to live with it and learn to accept it. But I have another father; a loving, kind, creative, caring, hardworking father.”

Anna also shared her version of events from the day her mother died and sincerely defended Rod’s actions. Now 22, she has seemingly changed her name but still resides in Scarsdale, working as a Gymnastics Coach. On the other hand, Myles is about fifteen and prefers to stay away from the public eye; he likely lives with his grandparents and sister. Nevertheless, both siblings firmly stand in support of their father and hope that his imprisonment is ended soon.

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