Preview: Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 21

Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Siesta Key’ is all about Christmas. And this makes us wonder — is not it natural that the next episode will revolve around New Year? After all, New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest events in the Key West. Well, even if the next week manages to stick to the party spirit, some doses of drama are inevitable! Relationships are in turmoil, jealousies have already made an appearance, and what about the conflicts??? In short, episode 21 promises some really spicy storylines. For some more insights, here’s our preview for next week’s episode — rounded up with a quick recap of the last part!

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 21 Release Date:

‘Siesta Key’ season 3 episode 21 will premiere on August 11, 2020, on MTV, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT.

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 21 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘I Didn’t Even Know That You Were That Into Bathing Suits’. As far as its official synopsis goes, here’s how MTV describes it: “Juliette and Sam get closer when Sam takes the whole crew to Miami for New Year’s Eve; Kelsey’s jealous of Juliette’s career opportunity; BG and Camilla argue about Amanda; Madisson and Ish clash while house hunting in Siesta Key.”

Where to Stream Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 21 Online?

‘Siesta Key’ drops new episodes every Tuesday evening at 8 pm ET on MTV. If you already have the channel as a part of your cable subscription, simply tune in to your television at the above time slot and watch the latest episodes without any spoilers. Episodes, after their tv release, also land on MTV’s official site for online streaming. The next go-to option is to choose any of the cable-free, live-streaming services. Some of the popular go-to platforms are Directv, Fubo TV, Philo TV, and Sling TV. You can additionally rent full seasons or single episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 20 Recap

Although we are currently in the month of August, it’s December in ‘Siesta Key’! Yes, the stars are in the midst of their Christmas celebrations. But how can parties proceed in the Key West without some weird gestures from our cast? For instance, Camilla decides to give Brandon one of the weirdest gifts imaginable — a cat! Camilla also believes that the step is important for both of them to show more commitment toward each other.

Moving on. Kelsey and Garrett attend a holiday bash at Sam’s place. But a perfectly romantic evening gets heated when Madisson shows Kelsey an Instagram photo of Garrett with another girl. The woman in the pic is Carli, who had sex with Garrett earlier. When Kelsey confronts him, he says that it wasn’t a recent photo. Kelsey replies: “She’s still posting it as a throwback, kissing you?” This is when Garrett admits that he trains her. A furious Kelsey says that she cannot do this anymore. The couple then decides to part ways for now. So, can Garrett and Kelsey get back after this messy setback? Only time will tell!

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