Where to Stream Sing?

‘Sing’ is an animated musical, and it combines the best of both genres. Animated movies have improved by leaps and bounds due to technological advancements and are perfectly capable of packing deep messages while remaining entertaining at the same time.

The movie ‘Sing’ is one such example that encourages us not to give up on our dreams, showing that if we persevere and come together, anything is possible. When it was released, the movie garnered praise for its animation, naturally, and its performances, which is also unsurprising, considering the stellar cast. The film has also been praised for its music and it includes works from many great artists, including an original song from Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder titled ‘Faith’.

A sequel ‘Sing 2’ is scheduled to release in 2021. So, this would be the perfect time to watch the movie, if you have not seen it, or to re-watch it. But before we tell you where to see ‘Sing’, let us tell you the plot of the movie.

What is Sing About?

‘Sing’ is set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, and we are introduced to a koala, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), who is a theater owner. He plans to hold a singing competition to promote his struggling theater after financial problems are brought up by the bank’s representative, llama Judith. However, there is a mishap, when the glass eye wearing iguana, Miss Crawly, Buster’s assistant, adds two extra zeroes to the prize money by mistake and the flyers get blown out into the street.

The lure of the prize causes animals from all around the city to gather for the auditions. The ones selected are Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) a housewife and mother of 25 piglets; Ash (Scarlett Johansson) the punk-rock porcupine; Johnny (Taron Egerton) the gorilla, who is the son of mobster Big Daddy; and a street musician mouse Mike (Seth MacFarlane).

Meena (Tori Kelly), a teenage elephant, fails the audition due to her stage fright, and Lance, Ash’s ill-tempered boyfriend, gets dismissed. In the meanwhile, Buster discovers the error in advertising the prize money, since he does not have that kind of cash, but remains optimistic, and visits his friend Eddie’s grandmother, the former opera singer and stage actress Nana Noodleman, who is initially hesitant to sponsor the prize money but agrees to watch a private preview of the show. Meena’s story also takes a surprise turn when she is pressured by her grandfather to ask for another audition but ends up being a stagehand. A mishap, however, forces Buster’s hand into making her part of the act.

Things soon begin to go south as all the performers begin to come apart. Rosita, who has been paired with a dancer, flounders, unable to balance being a performer and a mother. Ash breaks down when she finds out Lance has broken up with her and has a new girlfriend, while Johnny cannot be the good gangster son his father wanted, and gets caught up in the rehearsals, resulting in him showing up late as the getaway driver. Thus, his father ends up in prison. Meena is still unable to get over her stage fright and Mike is sure to win, so he buys an expensive car to impress a female mouse, and also swindles a group of Russian bears in a card game.

On the day of the preview, it is brought to light that Buster does not have that kind of prize money, and the competition breaks up, with Judith taking over the theater lot. Buster moves in with Eddie and tries to start over, washing cars to have enough money for the theater. Things turn around as Meena sings Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ in the rubble of the theater. Buster is impressed by this and is determined to keep the show going, minus the prize money, on a makeshift stage. All the performers get back together to deliver performances of their lifetime and prove their worth to their families and loved ones. Nana, who is very impressed by all this, buys the lot, and the theater gets rebuilt and reopened.

Now let us tell you where you can watch this wholesome movie.

Is Sing on Netflix?

Netflix has some wonderful content, especially when it comes to animated movies and television shows. Though ‘Sing’ might not be on the platform, you can definitely check out some animal mayhem in ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa‘.

Is Sing on Hulu?

Hulu is always adding content to the platform so that it can cater to various subscribers. ‘Sing’ might not be on Hulu, but if you want an animated tale about achieving your dreams, then check out ‘Shrek‘.

Is Sing on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has content that cannot be easily bested since it is so diverse. Though ‘Sing’ is not available to Prime subscribers as is, you can rent or buy the movie on the platform. It costs $3.99 to rent and $9.99 to buy it. Check out the movie here.

Where Can I Stream Sing Online?

No subscriptions to the major platforms? No worries, you can still stream ‘Sing’. All you have to do is head to Fubo Tv and you can watch the movie. However, you need to subscribe to the platform.

Where Can I Watch Sing Online For Free?

‘Sing’ is a wonderful movie but some of you might want to watch it before making a financial commitment. We totally get that, and freeloaders can head to Fubo Tv and use their free trial in order to watch ‘Sing’. Since it is a week-long trial period, you should be done watching the movie before your time is up.

However, we would like to urge our users to pay for whatever art they consume.

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