Sintonia Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

Netflix’s ‘Sintonia’ follows the lives of three childhood friends — Doni, Rita, and Nando, who are each drawn into music, religion, and crime respectively — as they seek a way to achieve their dreams and make a living. The teen drama series created by KondZilla paints a complex picture of life in Brazilian favelas and highlights the struggles of the youth who have limited options.

It first premiered in 2019 and received critical acclaim, becoming one of the most famous Brazilian shows on Netflix. After the shocking twists and emotionally shattering events of the second season, we are sure fans of the show must be eagerly waiting for a new installment that continues the resonant stories of Doni, Rita, and Nando. Here’s everything we know about  ‘Sintonia’ season 3!

Sintonia Season 3 Release Date

‘Sintonia’ season 2 arrived in its entirety on October 27, 2021, on Netflix. The sophomore installment contains six episodes which have a runtime of approximately 42-55 minutes in length each.

With regards to news about a new season, there is currently no confirmation about the same. Netflix is yet to officially renew the series for a third season. However, the ending of season 2 does leave the door open for a prospective third installment. In a 2019 interview, creator KondZilla expressed the possibility of making at least three seasons of the show. Therefore, it is safe to say there is some interest in continuing the story.

It is still early days for the streaming service to make a decision about the show’s future. Fans certainly shouldn’t lose hope of seeing our favorite troop back on screen since the show hasn’t been canceled either. Netflix typically takes a month to assess a show’s performance before greenlighting a new season. Therefore, we could get a clearer answer about the show’s future in the coming days.

Netflix could announce a follow-up if the second outing exceeds viewership expectations. If Netflix announces the third season in the coming months, production on new episodes is likely to take place in early 2022. Therefore, fans can expect to see ‘Sintonia’ season 3 in late 2022, at the earliest.

Sintonia Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘Sintonia’ stars Jottapê as Doni, an upcoming MC; Christian Malheiros as Nando, a member of a local drug cartel; and Bruna Mascarenhas as Rita, a girl trying to reform herself by joining the church. Matheus Santos/MC M10 (Formiga), Vinícius de Oliveira (Éder), Rosana Maris (Jussara), Júlio Silvério (Jaspion), Jefferson Silvério (Rivaldo), Danielle Olímpia (Cacau), Julia Yamaguchi (Scheyla), and Leilah Moreno (MC Dondoka), all appear in recurring roles.

For the potential third season, we expect to see Jottapê, Malheiros, and Mascarenhas reprise their roles. Similarly, most of the recurring cast members are also likely to return for the new installment. Continuing the trend from previous seasons, we could also be treated with cameos from popular Brazillian musicians along with the addition of a few new cast members.

Sintonia Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

In the second season of ‘Sintonia,’ Doni’s music career begins to flourish, and he finally signs a record deal. On the other hand, Nando’s influence in the cartel continues to grow while Rita is shocked by the inner workings of the church. In the season finale, Doni prepares to leave for his Europe tour. Levi breaks up with Rita. Nando prepares to welcome his second child with Scheyla. The season ends with the trio watching the news of Nando’s involvement in criminal activities on TV.

If a third season materializes, it is likely to focus on Nando trying to evade arrest while protecting his family. Nando might have to face the consequences of his crimes. With his friend in trouble, Doni might cancel his Europe trip in order to help Nando. Rita is likely to continue working at the church but could be forced to question her faith after some tragic events.

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