Sistas Season 2 Episode 17: What to Expect?

The 16th episode of ‘Sistas’ season 2 has a few surprises in store. Gary confesses his feelings for Andi with every bit of his heart and soul. Sabrina decides to open up and revive her love life while Jacobi is vying for her attention. Zac entangles himself in a legal problem. If you’re a fan, you must have certainly watched the episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. In case you are looking for details about the upcoming episode, here’s everything we know!

Sistas Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date

‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 17 will release on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at 9 pm ET and 8 pm CT on BET.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 17 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Addicted.’ In the episode, we can expect more drama surrounding the group. Zac will have a realization that he is being framed. Preston will have a guest over at Danni’s without her knowledge. Andi will make a decision completely out of line, going against her friends’ advice.

Where to Stream Sistas Season 2 Episode 17 Online?

TV viewers can watch ‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 17 by tuning to BET at the time mentioned above. You can also access the show through BET’s official website and on the BET app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can choose to watch on one of the following live TV platforms, such as DirecTV, Philo TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. ‘Sistas’ is also available for purchase or rent on Amazon Prime.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 16 Recap

‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 16 is titled ‘Missing What You Never Had.’ Throughout the show, Zac has been the center of the drama, and his problems never seem to disappear. His harrowed relationship with Karen has also put him in trouble multiple times. He had even gone to jail for breaking into a hotel room where Karen and Paston were getting intimate. And sure enough, Fatima had been the one to bail him out. In this episode, Zac again winds up in trouble, this time because of legal issues.

Sabrina, on the other hand, tries to revamp her love life and considers going on a date. But viewers are well aware of Jacobi and his charming ways of getting closer to Sabrina. Ever since his entry at the office, there have been inklings about the pair potentially hitting it off. But how will Sabrina react to this? We can only wait for the next episode to know what’s in store for Jacobi and Sabrina’s uncertain future. As far as Andi and Gary are concerned, they have been through enough for viewers to consistently ship the pair. And to their delight, the episode also showcases Gary expressing his love for Andi. He puts everything on the line and confesses his feelings.

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