Sistas Season 2 Episode 5: Release Date And Streaming Details

‘Sistas’ aired its fourth episode this week. The story follows Fatima and Zac as they meet one another, following an unfortunate accident. Danni is upset when Preston says something awful. On the other hand, Andi contemplates a settlement in a legal case. More on that later. Now, ‘Sistas’ is all geared up to release its 5th episode, and here is everything we know about it.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date:

‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 5 releases on November 4, 2020, at 9 pm ET/PT and 8 pm CT on BET. Following its double-episode premiere, the series follows a weekly-release format, dropping one new episode every Wednesday in the same time slot. Season 2 consists of 22 episodes and is expected to wrap up with its finale sometime in March 2021.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Up in the Flames’. And here is its official synopsis as outlined by BET: “Andi finds success at work, but new problems arise with Gary. Maurice returns to work when he thinks that he is being replaced. Danni wonders if Preston could be racist.”

Where to Stream Sistas Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

You can watch the episodes of ‘Sistas’ season 2 by tuning to BET at the above-mentioned time. You can also catch the show on BET’s official website and on the BET app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the show on Directv, Philo TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. ‘Sistas’ is also available for rent on Amazon Prime.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Episodes 4 is titled ‘Trying to Stay Open’ and it sees Zac barging into a hotel room when Karen and Aaron Carter are having sex. For the invasion of privacy, he gets arrested. Andi starts making some moves on Don Bellamy — the same guy who had framed her. On the other hand, Danni accuses Preston Horace of engaging in slave play when he handcuffs her to a bed. In fact, she is offended by one particular comment — when he says: “I’m gonna need you to beg me. Beg me Gal.”  Danni then asks Preston to uncuff her immediately.

Once she gets the key, Danni goes on to state that he has always told her that his family was racist. Then how could he be so ignorant? She heads to the bathroom and asks herself: “Was that slave play?” When she returns to confront him more, he has already left the apartment.

Meanwhile, lawyer Hayden, on the request of Fatima, decides to help Gary in getting released from jail. He discusses the case with Andi and when the duo visits Gary, he acts too overprotective — demanding why both of them are spending time together. On the other hand, Zac, who lands in jail after breaking into Karen and Aaron’s hotel room, calls up Fatima — seeking her help in getting him bail. Previously, in the car ride, the two has some flirtatious conversations. Does this mean that sparks are set to fly? Only the upcoming episodes can give answers!

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