sMothered Season 3 Episode 10: What to Expect?

In ‘sMothered’ season 3 episode 9, Kathy and Cristina planned to buy a new house behind Carlo’s back, and it was not surprising to see him refuse to move out when the matter was finally brought to the table. Amy and Kai have always believed that they are soulmates, but this time, things didn’t unfold the way they had imagined. For an update on the latest episode, we have laid out a recap for you. Now, without further ado, let us familiarize you with what the next episode of ‘sMothered’ season 3 might have in store!

sMothered Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date

‘sMothered’ season 3 episode 10 will release on August 2, 2021, at 9 pm ET on TLC. New episodes usually release on a weekly basis, so you can clear your schedule on Monday nights and watch them live.

Where to Watch sMothered Season 3 Episode 10 Online?

Fans eager to watch ‘sMothered’ season 3 episode 10 can tune in to TLC at the date and time mentioned above. Once it drops on TV, you can also stream it on TLC’s official website or the TLC Go app. Cord-cutters can live-stream the latest episodes on DirecTVFubo TVPhilo TV, and YouTube TV. Moreover, you can buy/rent older episodes of the show on VOD services like iTunesApple TV+, and Amazon Prime Video.

sMothered Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers

In the tenth episode titled ‘Between a Mother and a Hard Place,’ Angelica will break down after Jason suggests calling off the wedding. Kathy will ensure Cristina gets her way as she sits her down for a conversation about how Carlo keeps her caged. Laura Leigh will get tired of competing with Lauren’s mother for attention, although we will finally see a hint of reconciliation between the couple. Cher and Jared might also argue over Dawn’s constant presence in their lives.

sMothered Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

In episode 9, titled ‘Hot Mom Summer,’ Kathy took Cristina for a house-hunting session without Carlo’s knowledge. Cristina wanted to shift to a house near her mother’s, and once she was done making her mind, she was going to slowly break the news to her husband. The house that they toured had everything Cristina looked for, including a pantry. Elsewhere, Amy was not happy with Kai, especially because she needed to see her daughter Carina and his presence interfered with their precious mother-daughter time. Amy then called it quits with Kai.

Now that Rykia was done with the most challenging phase of her pregnancy, she wanted to decompress and spend time by herself, but her mother was not going to allow her to do that. Rykia suggested she could move out, which was immediately dismissed by Karla. Cristina tried to convince Carlo to buy the house near Kathy’s place, and as expected, he did not take it well. Carlo was already annoyed at living just five houses away from Kathy, and even then, she would stay over at their place most of the time.

At Angelica and Jason’s house, Toshiko, Jason’s mother, showed up to take a look at her grandchild Amara but she never bothered to pick her up, much to Sunhe’s disappointment. On the other hand, Toshiko didn’t like how Sunhe occupied the room where she used to stay. Sunhe was further appalled at Toshiko’s indifference to the family and asked her why she never bothered to keep in touch.

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