Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer & News

Crime thrillers as we know it today have more or less been an ever-present part of post-Jacobean fiction, the Grub-street lot in the UK, the novels about the low life, and its continuation in US pop fiction, too, has been well-documented in many studies. It is no wonder that this found a very stable foothold in the film and television screens too, both as dramas (looking at the many cop procedurals), and in more recent decades, unscripted television too. It is only because there is one of the potentially largest niches following behind the genre of true crime and its many manifestations that networks almost exclusively dedicated to the theme, such as Investigation Discovery, can sustain themselves and be well-off with their yearly roster of new investigation shows.

Because these are essentially documentaries on probes, digging into police archives, news media theory-crafting, and hearsay at times with very little to no original research, the better focus of them falls on post-production. ‘Prescription for Death’, a two-part special on ‘Snapped Notorious’ no exception to this norm, with not much of independent journalistic work, but it nevertheless throws an otherwise overlooked and yet one of the most unusual events of serial killings into limelight, detailing the killers Charles Cullen and Kristen Gilbert, their techniques, and motives.

Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

In Snapped Notorious: Prescription For Death, Jerry Pelletier plays the role of the narrator in both parts, like always, as Jerry has been the consistent narrator for all the Snapped Notorious specials, including the famous 2018 Ted Bundy episodes, as well as the main show, Snapped, for its 2017 season. Although it is unlikely, if Snapped Notorious chooses to somehow greenlight the idea of running another special on the duo of nurse-serial killers, Jerry Pelletier as the mainstay narrator of the series will no doubt fill in for the same role again.

Other than this, the show mostly focuses on archives, footages, and one-on-one interviews with legal experts, officers, and persons of interests, and some enacted scenes with mostly minor actors, such as Tommy Campbell as Dr Greg Blackman, and Carey Jones as Ottoman Schramm. These are not recurrent cast in any way, and we may see casting changes for them if the implied second season has more enactments.

Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

‘Prescription for Death’ takes a look at two similar and shocking serial homicide cases in the 1960s, those concerning Charles Cullen, a nurse in New Jersey linked to at least 400 murders, and Kristen Gilbert, a Northampton nurse who was guilty of four murders and two more attempted murders on-duty.

Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Even though it does manage to be one of the more well-received enactments of the show, ‘Prescription for Death’ is limited to being just that – a two-part series, and as it is not an independent show, it is unlikely for Snapped Notorious to do another follow-up for the same topic, as the idea of a limited series is precisely the fact that it will be a one-off, self-enclosed amalgam of episodes, and Snapped Notorious mostly wraps up all of the subjects to cover on Cullen and Gilbert. Even so, it is not completely unheard of, and if some searing new revelations suddenly crop up about the serial killers, there is a slim chance we will see another run for it. However, as it is still a pipe dream, the air date for such an episode is unknown and TBD for now.

Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Season 2 Trailer

The show is still pending confirmation from the network regarding its renewal status. Therefore it is to be understood that filming has not begun for the new season yet, and consequently there are no teasers or trailers released to promote the same. So instead, here you can watch the official trailer from Oxygen.