Snowfall Season 5 Release Date, New Plot and Cast Details

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron, FX’s ‘Snowfall’ is a gritty crime drama series that centers around the crack epidemic of the ‘80s in Los Angeles and its tumultuous impact on the neighborhoods of the city. The show follows a set of characters who are determined to cash in on the chaos that ensues for money and power as they get involved with the city’s drug scene in varying degrees. The series first released on July 5, 2017.

‘Snowfall’ has been well-received by the critics and audiences alike, garnering praises for the accurate portrayal of Los Angeles in the ‘80s, the performances of the principal cast, and the emotionally compelling narrative. Over four seasons, the show offers an enthralling take on the brutality of drug wars that emanates from the corners of the city, bringing season 4 to a bewildering end. As the show matures into a fifth installment to recommence the ferocious saga of the lords of the drug-filled streets of LA, here’s what we know about ‘Snowfall’ season 5!

Snowfall Season 5 Release Date

‘Snowfall’ season 4 premiered on February 24, 2021, on FX, concluding its run on April 21, 2021. The fourth season comprises ten episodes with a runtime between 41–58 minutes each.

As far as the fifth season is concerned, here’s what we know. On March 23, 2021, FX renewed ‘Snowfall’ for its fifth round. In July 2021, the show’s lead performer Damson Idris (Franklin Saint) also became one of the executive producers for the fifth season. The filming of season 5 began on September 8, 2021, adhering to the COVID-19 protocols. With the gradual return of normalcy after the pandemic, we can expect an untroubled filming schedule for the show’s upcoming installment. Taking into consideration the time required for the completion of filming and post-production, we expect ‘Snowfall’ season 5 to release sometime in Q2 2022.

Snowfall Season 5 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘Snowfall’ season 5 will see the return of the principal cast, including Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata), Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint), and Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie). We can also expect the other key players such as Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald/Reed Thompson), Reign Edwards (Melody Wright), Michael Hyatt (Cissy Saint), and Isaiah John (Leon Simmons), to return for the upcoming season.

It is uncertain whether Kevin Carroll (Alton Williams) will return for season 5, given Alton’s fate in the final episode of the fourth season. Moreover, it is unlikely that De’Aundre Bonds will return as his character Skully dies in the season 4 finale. Devyn Tyler, who is known for her performance as Ardelia Mapp in ‘Clarice,’ joins the cast of the fifth season as a series regular. Tyler will essay the role of Veronique, a law degree holder who is a compassionate and driven woman.

Snowfall Season 5 Plot: What can it be About?

The fourth season of ‘Snowfall’ ends with Franklin surrounded by conflicts. His father Alton goes to a radio station to air what he knows about Teddy and the CIA’s involvement in the city’s drug business. He also mentions Teddy’s alias “Reed Thompson” on-air and threatens to expose the real identity of Reed. As expected, Reed is enraged and wants action against Alton, with a conflicted Franklin caught up in the middle. Franklin tries to lure Alton to his advantage. As he tries, Skully arrives to kill Franklin but fails and gets hurt instead.

When Alton and Reed meet, their verbal confrontation charges into a standoff with guns before they are interrupted by Franklin’s mother, Cissy. Franklin’s parents agree to disappear from the city, to which Reed accords. But in a cliffhanger, we see Reed pointing a gun at Alton. Meanwhile, Skully dies in the hospital after his attempt to kill Franklin backfires. Things are turbulent with Melody and Franklin as she can reveal his involvement in her father’s death.

The fifth season is expected to provide the necessary answers regarding the future of Alton, Franklin, and Melody, among all other pivotal characters. We are yet to learn whether Reed pulls the trigger on Alton and what Franklin does about Melody’s potential threat. With the “War on Drugs” looming on the horizon, Franklin will have to make many decisions to save whatever he has built over the years irrespective of the sentiments towards his family.

Season 5 may also see the militarization of LAPD to tackle the growing violence in the neighborhoods as the drug epidemic reaches its summit. With challenges and obstacles filling the pathways in front of Franklin, it will be interesting to see the direction his ambitions take. No matter which road he treads, we can expect Franklin to walk on blood and ruination. But the fifth season will answer how far he will go.

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