Will There be a Solar Opposites Season 2?

‘Solar Opposites’ hails from none other than the ingenious duo — Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, the masterminds behind ‘Rick and Morty’. It is about a family of advanced aliens who are tethered on Earth, in suburban Middle America. Now, they must learn to co-exist with their human peers. Conceptualized two years back in 2018, the first season of the animated sitcom landed on Hulu in May 2020. Packed with familiar doses of swear words, violence, and dark humor, its inaugural installment wrapped up in a trippy way — opening up the scope for a new season. So, does this mean that a ‘Solar Opposites’ season 2 is already on the cards? Let’s find out.

Solar Opposites Season 2 Release Date

‘Solar Opposites’ season 1 premiered on May 8, 2020, on Hulu. It consisted of eight episodes. In August 2018, when Hulu announced its plans to ramp up its adult animation slate with the introduction of ‘Solar Opposites’, it had also confirmed that the comedy short was commissioned for two seasons. So, there you go! A second installment is already in the works. In all probability, ‘Solar Opposites’ season 2 will release sometime in May 2021. It will also consist of eight episodes.

Solar Opposites Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Solar Opposites’ revolves around a few limited protagonists. Hence, the voice cast is small, comprising Justin Roiland as Korvo, Thomas Middleditch as Terry, Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack, and Mary Mack as Jesse. As expected, all of the above voiceover characters will make their returns in season 2.

Solar Opposites Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

As outlined by Hulu, ‘Solar Opposites’ is about “a family of aliens from a better world who must take refuge in middle America. They disagree on whether this is awful or awesome.” In season 1, we meet a family of four extra-terrestrials called the Shlorpians, who hail from a planet called Shlorp. They are the family heads, Terry and Korvo, and their assigned kids Jessie and Yumylak. The group lands on earth when Shlorp is threatened by an asteroid attack and they are among those 100 Shlorpians deployed to different planets to find habitable lands. The fam also has a pet organism called Pupa.

Toward the end, Pupa seems to be not well — he turns orange. All the details about Pupa were in Korvo’s wallet, which he left on the spaceship. In order to get back his wallet, Korvo goes back in time and ends up adding another member to the group — Vanbo. Pupa eventually changes his color and the last episode ends with him telling the viewers, “see you next season, everyone.”

Seeing how the season wraps up, it seems Pupa is on a mission to fulfill his true purpose — devour everything on Earth and make it accessible for the Shlorpians. Well, we will come to know more about how the story goes from here only after season 2 hits Hulu.

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