Will There be a Somebody Feed Phil Season 4?

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is a travel-food documentary that stands true to its name. It seems nobody enjoys food as much as the host, Phil. Whether he is in Saigon or Copenhagen, shoving mouthfuls of local delicacies, one thing is clear — he loves what he eats. And it is for his sole enthusiasm that the show is so infectious. Although the traditional genre of culinary tourism is packed with similar titles to the brim, ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ stands apart. And we have already explained why. Now that the show has finished airing its latest season (3), here’s all you need to know about its next season.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 Release Date

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ season 3 premiered on May 29, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of five episodes.

On the date of releasing its third season, Phil Rosenthal assured during an interview with The Vulture that another five episodes are “banked and ready to drop at a later date.” Even Deadline had reported way back in May 2019: “Beloved eater and traveler Phil Rosenthal returns for 10 new episodes of global adventures, laughter, and food.” And this is great news! With the current health crisis, where traveling is banned globally, it would be difficult for Phil to shoot new episodes anytime soon.

Since the remaining five episodes are already filmed, we can expect them to drop sometime later this year. In all probability, ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ season 4 should release sometime in November 2020.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 Host

Since Phillip Rosenthal has served as the headliner for the show for all its seasons, it is a no brainer that he will appear in the next outing as well. To give a bit of an intro, Phil is a  television writer and producer who is best recognized as the creator, writer, and executive producer of the sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Previously, he hosted PBS’s six-episode television series ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’, the spiritual predecessor of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’.

What Can Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 be About?

Each episode of this culinary documentary follows Phil as he relishes the cuisines of a particular locale. For instance, in season 3, Phil travels to Marrakesh and tries its famous savory lamb dish. Then he reaches Chicago and tastes hot dogs, delicious pie, and the city’s famous deep-dish pizza with his daughter. In London, Phil relishes the famed fish and chip, and in Korea, he tries tteok-bokki in Seoul. In Montreal, Phil is seen devouring bagels and chicken.

In season 4, Phil has hinted that there will be more domestic locations. This is because not everyone has the luxury to go abroad and the show is meant to inspire travel. He previewed what’s to come in the next season in an interview with Deadline, where he said: “Again, just getting off the couch is a win. Just going to the next town, going down the street to the Peruvian restaurant that you were afraid to go to because you don’t know anything about Peruvian food. You can travel in your own town even, so it’s my job, I feel, to turn you on to great stuff.”

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